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Rowing Docks

AccuDock is the # 1 trusted manufacturer for Championship Rowing Docks worldwide. For those who are avid rowers, we can customize a dock that works best for you. View Benefits.

Nathan Benderson State Park Rowing teams and paddle sport aficionados will be able to enjoy this world class 10 lane floating start dock at Nathan Benderson State Park in Sarasota, FL all year due to its location on the sunny west coast of Florida. AccuDock® fabricated this 10 lane 425′ long start dock, which is the first of its kind in the world. The dock is affixed with ten 4′ x 48′ retractable finger docks and adjustable starting gate platforms that pivot to give each boat holder optimum positioning to the hull of the shell. This world class floating dock is held in place by four 45′ heavy duty aluminum control arms, as well as an 8′ x 25′ access ramp. AccuDock® also installed two 16′ x 80′ launch docks that were both made easily accessible by 8′ x 40′ aluminum ramps. See this amazing rowing dock in its entirety and how it functions below.

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Oklahoma City BoatHouse AccuDock® installed custom angular sections decked with Grey AccuDeck™ to fill in one of the 3 "V" shaped cutouts at the OKC Boathouse in Oklahoma City. In addition to the "V" Dock, a low profile portage dock was also installed. Even with the AccuDeck™ overlay, we were still able to achieve the low freeboard of 5 1/2" - making the rowing docks at the Devon Boathouse extremely functional and safe.
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Rio de Janeiro 2016 launch docks
Rio de Janeiro Our docks in Rio de Janeiro were installed for the test event at the 2015 Junior World Rowing Championships. There is a 400’ 8 lane starting platform and three 16’ x 80’ launch docks. AccuDock also built a Coaches/ Referee access dock accommodating 18 launches and a 10’ x 176’ Awards dock.
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University of Alabama Crew
In October of 2014, the new Manderson Landing facility for the University of Alabama was completed and a customized low profile AccuDock® rowing dock was installed to compliment the stellar architectural features of the new boathouse as well as the beautiful surroundings of the Black Warrior River. Every detail was thought of in creating this one of a kind customized rowing dock including an industry leading freeboard of 5", three individual launch boat slips for the coaching staff, and a beautiful finish of Olivewood AccuDeck™. In order to compensate for the possibility of large water fluctuations, hoop roller brackets were used to attach the massive 10' x 189' floating dock to new steel pilings. A transition plate and additional hand railings were also added to the gangway to increase the level of safety and ensure easy access for up to two coxed 8's at a time.
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Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta The Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PA is the largest intercollegiate regatta in the United States, so when they were faced with the task of finding a world class rowing dock, AccuDock® was the obvious choice. The 416' low profile rowing dock was also fully equipped with an on/off ramp to make accessing the dock easy. All 129 universities were simultaneously able to access the riverbank and their shells with an ease not often seen at events of this size.
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Pine Crest floating dock ramp
Pine Crest School Fort Lauderdale
The Pine Crest School Rowing Dock is 10’x208’ with two 30' control arms. In addition the dock features a 8'x30' ramp which allows the crew to simultaneously launch three 8 man racing shells. There is also enough space for a coaches motorized chase boat.
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