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Why Choose An Accudock Rowing Dock
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Experience a sense of comfort knowing that your Rowing Dock will rise and fall with the tide. Our floating Rowing Docks offer a smooth transition from the dock to your shell.


  • 5.5” (14cm) Freeboard with Access Ramp Available
  • Customize to any Length or Width
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made in the USA

When the Devon Boathouse opened on the Oklahoma River, we recognized the need for a dock that could fit the unique blueprint of our inlet. AccuDock worked with us to create the right pieces that fit our space while simultaneously complementing the distinctive architecture of our facilities in the Boathouse District.

Mike K – Executive DirectorOklahoma City Boathouse Foundation — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We at Genesee Rowing Club were particularly impressed with the quality and affordability of the dock offered by AccuDock™ and with the great support the AccuDock™ team gave us while we were trying to fine-tune our needs. They were able to suggest several configurations and improvements to our preliminary design that made our purchase experience satisfying and gave us a dock that will serve the club for years to come. AccuDock™ was also helpful with coordinating delivery in an efficient and timely manner so that we could reach our ultimate goal—getting out on the water! Thanks, AccuDock!

Julie C. – Genesee Rowing Club Board Member — Rochester, New York