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Slide Assembly Instructions
Make sure you have the following parts

Slide assembly
(2) Piling/Wall Mount Side
(2) Adjustable Mounting Plates – See picture in Step 7 below
(2) Float Side
(2) PVC Cosmetic Covering and Cap
Dock Plate:
(4) 1/2″ X 4″ Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt
(4) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Flat Washer
(4) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Lock Washer
(4) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Nut

Piling Version:
(8) 1/2″ X 7″ Stainless Steel Lag Bolt
(8) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Flat Washer

Seawall Version:
(8) 1/2″ X 7″ Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors
(8) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Flat Washer
(8) 1/2″ Stainless Steel Nut

3/8″ Auger bit (preferred) or regular drill bit (Piling version)
1/2″ cement drill bit (seawall version)
Hammer drill (preferred) or electric drill
1/2″, 3/4″ wrenches/sockets
Black “Sharpie” or marker
One (at least) 6-foot ratchet strap to hold the mount during the mounting process
4 foot level (at least)


Preliminary Actions Establish the low water point and high water point on your piling or seawall. Mark the half way mark between high and low tide. The lower attachment bracket of the slide assembly will be placed just above that mark. The slide assembly installation should be done as close to low tide as possible.

Slide Assembly Placement Diagram
Slide Assembly Placement Diagram

Piling/Seawall Side Pipe Length:60"

Float Side Tube Length:48"

STEP 1 Put together your dock sections and place them in the water. You will use this float to stand on to install the slide assemblies.

Dock Slide Assemblies

STEP 2Move the float up against the pilings to find which two pilings you are going to attach the slide assemblies to. You will use the two pilings closest to the ends of the float - ensuring that you have at least 8 inches of dock sticking out past each slide assembly. This is to ensure that the slide assembly dock plates will have room to attach to the floating dock frame without interfering with the welded aluminum nuts on the underside of the frame. (NOTE: when mounting to a seawall - go to step 3.)

Dock Slide Assemblies

Weld nuts near ends of frames, the welded nuts will keep the plate of the slide assembly dock side tube, from sliding onto the frame – remove if necessary with a hack saw or Sawzall.

STEP 3 Tie your float off to the pilings or seawall so that the dock stays in position for you to complete the installation.

STEP 4 With your marker, draw a vertical line on the front of the piling in the 12'clock position. Take one slide mount side, with the top end up - the top end is the end with the piling/seawall plate already welded to the extension arm as in the picture below. Strap it to the piling with a ratchet strap - to help hold it in position during the installation. (Seawall: measure and mark the location of the top seawall plate that will be bolted onto the wall.)

AccuDock Positioning

If the two slides are not "plumb" the dock cannot slide up and down smoothly and easily and may get caught or bound up.

Make sure the slide is in the 12 o'clock position on the front of the piling and is "Plumb" (straight up and down), check this with your level.

STEP 5 Pre-drill one top hole. Piling mount, pre-drill a 3/8" hole a minimum of 6" deep. Seawall mount, pre-drill a 1/2" hole with your cement bit a minimum 7" deep.


STEP 6 Put in your bolt or wedge anchor about half way in so that you can still adjust the mount easily and adjust it so that it is plumb on both the sides and front. Drill and put in the second bolt or wedge anchor and tighten them down ensuring that it is still plumb.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

You should now have the top of the slide bolted onto the seawall or piling and plumb.

STEP 7 Next, the bottom extension of the slide assembly will be affixed to the piling/seawall. Pilings and seawalls are rarely plumb or flat even surfaces and most pilings are "wider" near the top. The bottom extension has an adjustable plate to allow for these differences and to make it easier during the installation to keep the slide plumb.

As the bottom plate is adjustable, you may want to use a clamp to hold the adjustable plate together while measuring to drill, ensuring the entire slide will be plumb when fully installed to the piling or seawall.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

When you are done with step 7 – both mounts will be securely attached to the seawall or piling.

STEP 8 The adjustable plate needs to be drilled to keep it in the proper position, drill two holes and bolt it into position as shown below (ensuring it is still plumb).

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

When you are done with Step 8, the adjustable plates, upper and lower mounts should be tightened securely on a piling or seawall and totally plumb the sides, front and mount in the 12 o'clock position on the piling. To verify double check with your level.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

STEP 9 Repeat steps 1-8 on the second mount.

STEP 10 Slide the assembly "dock side tube" over the top of the seawall/piling side and hold onto it securely, as it can slide down and into the water.

STEP 11 Slide the dock over in between the plates of the float side mounting tube. Ensure the float side tube is fully on the floating dock, the backside of the angle plates should be level with the frame of the dock as in the pictures below.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

Once you have the plates positioned on the float, drill the first hole into the frame of the float and drop a bolt with flat washer down into it and loosely tighten the nut and lock washer. Drill the second hole. Tighten bolts down securely.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

STEP 12 Repeat steps 10 & 11. Place the PVC covers over the slide assembly internal mechanism, once complete your floating dock is mounted.

Dock Installation
Dock Installation

Shown above is the smaller floating dock version of the slide assemblies that are used to connect our floating dock to an existing floating dock.

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