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Some of the most important aspects that a homeowner, camp, park or school considers when choosing a floating dock or swim platform are safety, durability, and ease of use. AccuDock® swim platforms and swim rafts far exceed customer expectations in every aspect which is why AccuDock® swim floats are the #1 choice for camps, parks, swim clubs, and homeowners all over the world! Whether you plan on using your AccuDock® to just lounge by the water while enjoying a majestic sunset or intend to provide your kids with countless hours of safe, worry free, swimming and entertainment; we are confident that the many aspects that set AccuDock® swim platforms apart will ensure that you will be beyond satisfied with your choice.

AccuDock® is an ISO Certified Manufacturer and in being so, you can be confident that your Floating Dock or swim raft is designed and manufactured according to the highest quality control and continuous improvement standards. We are also fully committed to only using US sourced materials at our Manufacturing Facility in Pompano Beach FL. AccuDock® also makes every effort to recycle any scrap materials as well as using only environmentally friendly materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Below are some of the features that make AccuDock® the leader
in manufacturing custom swim platforms and swim floats:

Low to the water's surface: Our ability to manufacture low profile floating docks, swimming platforms, and swim rafts that provide superior stability and buoyancy make AccuDock® the clear choice for water enthusiasts everywhere! Being able to manufacture a floating dock that sits as low as 5" from the water enables provides swimmers the ability to easily transition to and from their AccuDock® swim raft / swim platform and into the water with ease.

High level of Safety: AccuDock® floating swim platforms offer the highest degree of safety due to the fact that high density expanded polystyrene foam blocks are used for each float's core, making them virtually unsinkable. The density of the expanded foam core can also be customized based on the install requirements of each floating dock and swim platform, truly providing an unparalleled level of safety and durability as well as the highest buoyancy rating of any low profile floating dock on the market. For instance, a 5' x 8' x 6" AccuDock® float section has a buoyancy rating of just under 1000 lbs.!

Degree of Customization: AccuDock® specializes in assessing your water access needs and developing a floating dock solution that best allows you to take full advantage of all a life on the water has to offer! Our team of experienced sales professionals, engineers, and design team take pride in ensuring that each and every customer is beyond satisfied with their AccuDock®! The number of customization choices available to AccuDock® customers is endless; including but not limited to its shape, height, decking material, Accessories, and size. Please Contact one of our knowledgeable sales professionals today to determine what options best meet your unique design and installation requirements.

Gangways and ramps: Custom designed Gangways and Ramps are also often added so that people of all abilities are able to easily access their floating dock and/or swim platform.


AccuDock® swimming platforms / swimming docks with aluminum gangways for easy access

Ease of installation / removal and portability: AccuDock® floating docks and swim platforms are lightweight, portable, and easy to install. Seventy five percent of AccuDock® applications are self-installed by the customer. The ease of installation, removal, and portability of each AccuDock® float section enables our customers and/ or homeowners the ability to easily remove the dock during cold winter months so that it may be safely stored away to prevent ice damage

Rugged design and durability: Our unique manufacturing process using long lasting HDPE flat sheets enable us to manufacture the only floating dock sections on the market where uniformity of wall thickness can be guaranteed and there won't be any weak or thin spots anywhere. AccuDock® fully framed aluminum floating docks are made with 6000 series marine grade aluminum and use rugged stainless steel connectors to attach each float section together making them resistant to the severe weather conditions that are often present in marine environments. AccuDock® floating docks and swim platforms provide endless years of worry free enjoyment because they won't rot, splinter, or peel!

Rugged design and durability
Accudeck Deck Boards

Beautiful array of decking choices: There are a wide variety of beautiful decking choices available for customers to make sure that their floating dock or swim platform best compliments the natural beauty of its surrounding location as well as any existing fixed or floating dock. An array of decking materials and gorgeous color choices are available in the AccuDeck line of floating dock deck boards.

Contact Us to help plan and design the perfect swimming platform for you.