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South Florida's fastest-growing companies honored at 2016 Fast 50 Awards

Source: bizjournals.com   Business leaders gathered Thursday at the South Florida Business Journal's Fast 50 event at Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale for the list unveiling of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the tri-county area.   As one of our most popular lists comes to life, we opened this private event to the public this year so you could meet first hand the companies ranked by percentage of revenue growth over the past three years. Fast 50 Fast 50 2 Fast 50 1
A DJI_0019 edita med The company: AccuDock designs, builds and installs a wide variety of floating docks and work platforms for residential, commercial and government use, as well as for rowing and boating venues in the United States and overseas. Based in Pompano Beach, AccuDock supplied the impressive array of rowing docks being used at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as well as docks used at the 2015 World Junior Rowing Championships in Rio, and the 2013 World Rowing Championships in South Korea. “We were watching the Olympic rowing competition on TV,” said John Harrison, AccuDock’s founder and president. “We felt so proud to see our equipment there. It’s an honor to be part of the Olympics.” One of the fastest-growing companies in South Florida’s marine sector, AccuDock also designs and builds floating docks for marinas, public parks, residences, school rowing teams and individual jet skis, as well as work platforms for painting and refurbishing big yachts and ships. “We build everything in house and all our parts come from suppliers in the U.S,” said Jason Harrison, the founder’s son and AccuDock’s general manager. “Many of our products are custom made and we supply customers all over the world.” AccuDock sells docks, parts and accessories directly to customers and works with a network of distributors. Prices range from about $1,200 for a kayak dock to $30,000 for a residential dock to millions of dollars for large systems used in international sporting events. The docks are produced with marine-grade, welded aluminum frames built around a tough outer shell filled with buoyant EPS plastic foam. Getting started: John Harrison, who grew up on the east coast of Massachusetts, moved to Florida in the early 1990s and saw a need for floating work platforms and other floating docks in South Florida’s burgeoning marine industry. Harrison set up AccuDock in 2007. His son, Jason Harrison, joined AccuDock in 2009 after he received a degree in business from Florida State University. Together, they grew the company from five employees in 2009 to 30 today. The difference: “What has enabled us to grow is our ability to build custom products that other companies do not make,” Jason said. AccuDock works closely with customers wherever they’re located, guaranteeing consistently high-quality products and customer satisfaction. Sales: “Every year we’ve seen substantial growth in sales,” Jason said. Net sales in 2015 were just under $5 million and projections for full-year 2016 are more than $6 million, he said. About 50 percent of sales typically go to customers in Florida, while the rest go to other parts of the U.S., and to international clients in Brazil, South Korea, India, Japan and other countries. Competitors: EZ Dock, Connect-A-Dock, GatorDock, others. Glitch: When the company was starting out, it took on a job at a property that was too exposed to wind, making it difficult to properly stabilize and use floating docks. “We learned that we shouldn’t make sales to certain locations,” Jason said. Analyst: “AccuDock is a local company that has an impact on the global marine sector,” said Phil Purcell, executive director of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, the Fort Lauderdale-based trade group that represents more than 500 marine-related companies in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and owns the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The company has supplied floating docks and equipment to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, the 2013 World Rowing Championship in South Korea, and other domestic and international clients, Purcell said. “Their reach demonstrates how important South Florida’s $11.5 billion recreational marine sector is to the world. AccuDock could have located anywhere, but they chose to build their business here.” What customers say: “We purchased a floating dock with the capacity for 24 kayaks for our members, said Larry Demme, general manager at The Yacht & Racquet Club of Boca Raton. “They came out here to make sure that what we were thinking about would work for us,” he said. The club chose AccuDock over a competitor. The dock was custom-designed to fit precisely into an existing area and can be easily used at both high and low tide. “They did a fantastic job,” Demme said. “They are very honest and professional, met our time line and kept us informed. We do business with a lot of contractors, and when we find a good one, we keep them.” AccuDock sells to several dealers/distributors in the U.S. and overseas, and their largest is Custom Float Services, a major marine supply company in South Portland, Maine. “We’ve been a distributor for AccuDock since 2010,” said Dale Dyer, who handles marketing for Custom Float Services. “We’ve purchased and installed most of their products, from 8 feet by 8 feet swim platforms for private customers to 12 feet by 120 feet custom rowing dock systems for educational facilities and municipalities,” Dyer said. “We stock a lot of AccuDock inventory products, however, much of what they provide is custom-made. AccuDock products allow us to get closer to the customer’s needs and wants,” he said. “Their products and service are top notch.” Challenges and outlook: With demand for its products constantly increasing, “Our biggest challenge is to maintain growth at an acceptable rate and not grow too fast,” Jason said. The company is committed to making the highest quality products and offering the best customer service. “We’ve turned down some projects,” he said. “We know what we’re doing and we can continue to grow, but at a more moderate rate.”
  Business: Designs, builds and installs floating docks for large and small clients in the United States and overseas. Also makes gangways, ramps, railings and other accessories. Headquarters: 1790 SW 13th Court, Pompano Beach. Founded: Pompano Beach in 2007. Leadership: John Harrison, president and founder; Jason Harrison, general manager. Employees: 30. Customers: Sports venues for rowing and kayaks, including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro; camps and parks; marinas, private residences; companies that repair and paint yachts and other vessels. Ownership: Owned and operated by the Harrison family. Website: accudock.com
  John and Jason Harrison know there’s no such thing as overnight success. Their company, AccuDock, was established by John more than nine years ago when he moved to Florida and recognized a need for floating work platforms and commercial docks. When Jason joined him as General Manager in 2009 after graduating from Florida State University, the father-son team upheld three main components they felt were critical to steadily building growth and success: ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction with a high-quality product that is made in America, empower the team of AccuDock employees, and provide customized solutions to every customer’s needs.   Over the years they increasingly built a loyal client base, expanded AccuDock’s workforce, and most recently set their sights on winning a bid to provide docks at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They spent more than a year planning and preparing for the opportunity, even going so far as to prebuild three of the nine containers-worth of the dock system that would be needed to accommodate the rowing teams from around the world. It was a risk, but one that would actually pay off.   Despite the Olympic Committee’s initial procrastination, things happened very quickly after a representative came to visit AccuDock’s facility and meet with John and Jason on a Friday afternoon. They spent about three hours talking about the company’s history and experience and confirming they had the capability of shipping the docks in time to meet the strict deadline for the upcoming test event. The representative stepped out briefly to make a telephone call, then came back in and shook hands on the deal. John and Jason were elated. They had known the competition was down to just one other company, and convinced themselves that it was validation enough to just be considered to present their products on the global stage. When John asked why AccuDock had won, the Olympic Committee representative said simply, “quality of product.”   Everything else was put on hold and by the end of the following week, 20% of the project was built, loaded into two shipping containers, and immediately sent to Rio. The Harrisons called their existing clients with orders in various stages of completion and explained the situation, then they began the complicated task of constructing six different complete docks. The full Olympic Committee added some challenges with increased interaction, and changing plans and configurations multiple times, but within 31 days they sent Charlie Everett to the event site to supervise the strategic installation. The entire system was completely installed five days prior to the test event and in time for use in the 2015 Junior World Rowing Championship. The docks are currently being used for trials in advance of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, which begin August 5th.   AccuDock continues to grow its business, expanding its commercial projects into additional markets like Tampa and Sarasota, not-to-mention India and Russia. They’ve even partnered with Polaritas, another father-son duo from Hungary that manufactures and sells timing and starting mechanisms used in rowing and other watersport races, in order to offer turn-key solutions in the United States and Europe. They have also begun preliminary discussions with the 2020 Olympic Committee in Tokyo. Though John and Jason continue to make forward progress with their family-owned business, they always manage to keep realistic expectations and never sacrifice quality for haste.  

Source : Marine Industries Association of South Florida

February 2016
Pompano Beach-based AccuDock poised for continued growth in 2016 Pompano Beach, Fla. -- (February 13, 2016) -- From humble beginnings, a father and son owned floating dock-maker has made its mark within the global watersports and marine industries. AccuDock, a family-owned and operated company that designs and builds floating docks for rowing facilities and competitions, marinas and private residences, has experienced tremendous growth in the watersports and rowing industry. Operated by father and son team John and Jason Harrison, AccuDock was established in 2007 with a mission to build its docks using only American-made products and to deliver outstanding customer service for every project. The company has designed and built floating docks for large-scale projects including the World Rowing Championships held in South Korea in 2013 and the World Junior Rowing Championships held in Rio de Janeiro in 2015, the Oklahoma City Boathouse and Nathan Benderson State Park in Sarasota, just to name a few.  In addition, AccuDock supplied the rowing docks for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro.  They have also been called upon to consult and design floating docks for Division I collegiate rowing programs around the country. "We are honored and grateful to have been a part of some of the most prestigious rowing events in the world," said John Harrison, AccuDock's founder and president.  "Our team has worked hard to get to this point and we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch products on the worldwide stage." AccuDock builds everything in-house and has made a commitment to only using American-made materials and products.  As an example of their commitment, AccuDock purchases hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum each year and recently had the opportunity to buy from a Chinese company at half the cost, but declined, citing the need to honor their American-made pledge.  All raw materials processed by AccuDock are made in the United States. An exciting new development for the company in 2016, AccuDock will collaborate with Polaritas, a Hungarian company that designs starting systems for rowing and other watersports races, to create a ‘one-stop shop’ offering a turn-key package for organizations seeking to host rowing and other watersports events. Polaritas has installed their products at a number of high-profile international rowing events including the past four Summer Olympics. According to Jason Harrison, AccuDock's General Manager, working closely with a company that has such tremendous international contacts will help expand the company’s reach to a new audience. “Polaritas has an excellent reputation globally and has provided starting systems for rowing events in more than 35 countries,” said Harrison.  “Our companies have complementary skill sets and we feel this collaboration will provide a turn-key package that will revolutionize the manner in which rowing events are staged.” In addition to designing for rowing events, AccuDock handles an array of commercial and residential installations, including offering ADA compliant design installations for kayak and canoe launch docks. The company also handles large-scale government contracts, including building docks used to refurbish Naval ships in Tokyo.  AccuDock's GSA contract gives the highest discounted rate for government project purchases and provides a full product catalogue for direct purchasing by governmental agencies.  Additionally, AccuDock is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, which means it meets the rigorous international standards on which many global companies base their purchasing decisions. To learn more about AccuDock, visit www.ACCUDOCK.com.   Media contact:  Ryan Julison, Julison Communications, (321) 377-6877
January 2016

Two father-son owned companies from halfway

around the world collaborate to revolutionize watersports


            Pompano Beach, Fla. -- (January 22, 2016) – For a family-owned and operated Florida-based dock-maker, the term ‘Made in America’ is more than a catchy marketing slogan; it’s a daily pledge to its customers and employees.

AccuDock designs, builds and ships a wide-range of floating docks to customers around the world, so their pledge ensures a commitment to quality unsurpassed in the industry.

The growing company, owned and managed by father and son team John and Jason Harrison, isn't a secret in the rowing and watersports industry. Founded in 1993, AccuDock's sales and reputation have grown tremendously around the world over the years. The company’s commitment to excellence in products and customer service is a big reason for their success.

The company has designed and built floating docks for large-scale projects previously, including the 2015 Junior World Rowing Championships in Rio and 2013 World Rowing Championships in South Korea, Oklahoma City Boathouse and Nathan Benderson State Park in Sarasota, just to name a few. They have also been called upon to consult and design floating docks for Div. I collegiate rowing programs around the country.

"Our company takes the words ‘Made in America’ seriously and works to deliver quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service while still being competitive on price,” said John Harrison, AccuDock's founder and president. "While other companies may be forced to cut costs by purchasing much cheaper products internationally, we are steadfast in our goal of ensuring that virtually every part and product we use comes from the U.S.A.”

As an example of their commitment, AccuDock purchases hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum each year and recently had the opportunity to buy from a Chinese company at half the cost, but declined, citing the need to honor their American-made pledge. All raw materials processed by AccuDock are made in the United States.

According to Jason Harrison, AccuDock's general manager, delivering on this stage and at this level takes a total team effort.

"We pride ourselves on using American-made products for virtually everything we design and build, so we look at this as an opportunity to showcase our many partner companies around the U.S. as well," said Harrison. "Many international companies with whom we work look at the ‘Made in America’ stamp on our products as a statement of quality and a higher standard.”

In addition to designing for rowing events, AccuDock handles an array of commercial and residential installations, including offering ADA compliant design installations for kayak and canoe launch docks.

The company also handles large-scale government contracts, including building docks used to refurbish Naval ships in Tokyo. AccuDock's GSA contract gives the highest discounted rate for government project purchases and provides a full product catalogue for direct purchasing by governmental agencies. Additionally, AccuDock is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, which means it meets the rigorous international standards on which many global companies base their purchasing decisions.

To learn more about AccuDock, visit www.accudock.com.

  Media contact:  Ryan Julison, Julison Communications, (321) 377-6877  

Polaritas and Accudock Collaborate


Two father-son owned companies from halfway

around the world collaborate to revolutionize watersports


            Pompano Beach, Fla. -- (January 6, 2016) – Two successful family-owned and operated companies in different time zones and from vastly different cultures will collaborate to offer a streamlined package designed to benefit rowing, canoeing and other watersports around the world.

AccuDock, a Florida-based floating dock-maker and Hungarian company Polaritas, a company that designs starting systems for rowing and other watersports races, will work together to create a ‘one-stop shop’ to offer a turnkey package for organizations seeking to host rowing and other watersports events.

Both AccuDock and Polaritas have had significant success in the rowing world.  The companies have provided their respective products to high-profile international rowing events.  Polaritas has provided starting systems for rowing events at the past three Summer Olympics and AccuDock was the supplier for the rowing docks in Rio de Janeiro for the 2015 World Junior Championships.

Ironically, both companies are led by father-son duos:  John and Jason Harrison at AccuDock and Jozsef and Laszlo Grand from Polaritas.

“We had heard many positive things about Polaritas in our interaction with rowing organizations primarily internationally,” said John Harrison, AccuDock’s founder and president.  “Once we met with Jozsef and Laszlo and learned more about their company, we were convinced that our collaboration would not only benefit our respective organizations, but potentially the sport of rowing as well.”

According to Jozsef Grand, Polaritas was founded in 1984 and began developing its prototype Automatic Starting System in 1997 following a request from an employee for assistance with his son’s upcoming canoe race.  The company spent the next five years testing and refining the product.  After successful implementation in a variety of rowing events, Swiss-Timing contracted with Polaritas to provide starting systems for the rowing competition at the Summer Olympics in Athens.  Polaritas has since installed their products in 35 countries around the world.

“We feel a great sense of synergy with AccuDock and share the same commitment to quality and customer service,” said Grand.  “One of our collective objectives is to take our experience from Europe and other international destinations and work to enhance the sport of rowing the in U.S.”

AccuDock isn't a secret in the rowing and watersports industry.  Founded in 1993, the company’s sales and reputation have grown tremendously around the world over the years.

The company has designed and built floating docks for large-scale projects previously, including the 2013 World Rowing Championships in South Korea, Oklahoma City Boathouse and Nathan Benderson State Park in Sarasota, just to name a few.  They have also been called upon to consult and design floating docks for Div. I collegiate programs around the country.

AccuDock and Polaritas are both ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, which means they meet the rigorous international standards on which many global companies base purchasing decisions.

To learn more about AccuDock, visit www.accudock.com.  To learn more about Polaritas, visit www.polaritas.com.

  Media contact:  Ryan Julison, Julison Communications, (321) 377-6877  
November 2015

AccuDock Welcomes Rebecca Taylor

Rossana Patreccia
Pompano Beach, Florida – (November 2015) – AccuDock is very pleased to announce that Rebecca Taylor has joined their team as Marketing Director. She will be responsible for all marketing initiatives and strategies and will work closely will their Public Relations team.

Taylor comes to AccuDock with over 10 years of marketing experience in the luxury travel and hospitality industry. She received her bachelor's degree in Communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


AccuDock® has over 20 years of experience in providing customers with floating dock solutions to meet their specific needs. Since its inception in 1993, AccuDock® has remained customer focused and 100% committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative products at a competitive price.

What separates AccuDock® from other floating dock companies is the ability and willingness to work with each customer on creating the ideal floating dock solution that allows them to maximize their waterfront experience while also enhancing the natural beauty of each individual install location.

AccuDock® is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of floating docks for all market segments ranging from residential installs to large customized commercial applications. Their main goal is providing each customer with the highest quality product and customer experience.
September 2015

AccuDock® welcomes Rossana Petreccia

Rossana Patreccia
AccuDock® has announced that Rossana Petreccia has joined the AccuDock® family as an Outside Sales Representative. Prior to joining AccuDock®, Petreccia was a successful Project Engineer for GSD Contracting, LLC. She comes with over 18 years of construction industry experience and is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and the Marine Industry Association of South Florida.
July 2015
Accudock Dock of the Month
The Dock of the Month is presented as a special feature.

AccuDock® Independence Day Celebration

AccuDock®, a leading floating dock manufacturer who specializes in fabricating custom applications to meet the unique specifications required for each install, celebrated Independence Day alongside their fellow employees this past Thursday July 2nd while enjoying a BBQ that owner, John Harrison, had catered by Café Maxx in Pompano Beach, FL.

June proved to be an extremely busy month for AccuDock® having recently completed some very large high profile projects such as a large Rowing venue, naval Scaffolding Platforms, various ADA Complaint Kayak Launches, customized floating docks for Cornell University and more! The management staff felt giving everyone the chance to catch up with each other and enjoy some great BBQ was just one small way that they could say thank you to all of the hard working and dedicated team members, a number of them being military veterans themselves.

July Celebration with AccuDock

AccuDock®, who also proudly manufacturers all of their products in the US and uses only US sourced materials, is an avid supporter of a multitude of charities geared towards supporting both our active and retired service members and has shown their support in many ways such as donating a floating dock to the local DAV chapter, participating in countless events to help raise funding for a number of organizations that support the troops, and even with things as simple as purchasing red AccuDock® t-shirts for their employees who are veterans to wear on Fridays!

July 4th AccuDock Celebration

Jimmy, one of the many valued AccuDock® employees is a proud veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan as well as being stationed in several other remote parts of the world. When asked how his experience has been here so far at AccuDock®, explained that "All of the employees are very helpful, the manufacturing plant and all the equipment is well cared for and runs smoothly." He also touched on his interaction with the management staff and said "They gave me a chance when others didn't. They looked at my resume and read a reference letter that was submitted by one of my former superiors and didn't hold the fact that I didn't have a handful of the exact job specific skills sets that some other comparable applicants would because I spent so much time in the service."

Jimmy went on to explain that his experience as an AccuDock® employee has been much more enjoyable and conducive to a successful transition into civilian life than previous jobs he's had since ending his military career in 2012.

He candidly spoke about how not having to deal with a lot of the aggravating stressors that result from a company not taking a personal interest in their employees wellbeing as well as the quality of their products, is a huge help to him in overcoming the ongoing obstacles that many veterans often face while adjusting to their new lives. As a final last endorsement of the satisfaction level he embodies from being a part of the AccuDock® team, he quipped that "Working at AccuDock® has been WAY better than any of my other previous civilian jobs!"

July Celebration with AccuDock




AccuDock®; Completes One of a Kind 10 Lane

Floating Dock at Nathan Benderson State Park

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) June 12, 2015

Details and highlights of the recent one of a kind 10 lane floating dock and two 16' x 80' low profile launch docks that were recently manufactured by AccuDock®; and installed at Nathan Benderson State Park. AccuDock®; is an international dock manufacturer located in Pompano Beach FL and is known worldwide for their ability to manufacture custom floating docks for any application and specialize in low profile rowing docks, paddle sport docks, and custom heavy duty commercial aluminum floating docks.

Nathan Benderson State Park, a 600 acre multi-use sporting venue that was recently named Florida's "Venue of the Year" by the Florida Sports Foundation, is located right off the Gulf of Mexico amongst some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches in the world.

Nathan Benderson Park is the perfect place for a wide range of sporting events and community activities such as paddle boarding, dragon boat races, canoe and kayak races, as well as triathlon and cross country events. However the the focal point of the park is its 500 acre lake and world class rowing facility complete with a 2000 meter, fully FISA compliant, rowing course, an island for spectators, and the world's only 10 lane floating dock specifically designed and manufactured by AccuDock®; to easily accommodate the large number of competitors that often participate higher profile regattas and rowing competitions.

Aerial view of the 10 lane start dock being used during a recent regatta at Nathan Benderson State Park
Aerial view of the 10 lane start dock

Shot of low profile floating dock sections that AccuDock used to create the 10 retractable finger docks of this world class start dock at Nathan Benderson State Park.

A combination of fully framed heavy duty aluminum dock sections (with a freeboard of 16") and low profile rowing dock sections (with a freeboard of 7") for the finger docks were used to create this world class 10 lane 425' start dock. Additional features that help maximize functionality include adjustable classer planks that pivot vertically to give each individual boat holder optimum positioning for holding each shell and retractable finger docks that effortlessly slide in and out to accommodate varying shell lengths. The decision was made to deck this amazing start dock with PVC AccuDeck™ in order to match the two 16' x 80' launch docks AccuDock® had previously manufactured and installed.

SANCA President Paul Blackketter comments on this being the 1st time the US Youth Rowing Championship will be held in Florida and said, "It just goes to show you that this is a true world class course, that's only going to bring more and more events here".

Nathan Benderson State Park is already the confirmed host for a number of prestigious rowing competitions such as the 2015 Youth National Championships, which takes place this coming weekend from June 12th through the 14th, and consequently is the first time Florida will be hosting this event, ever! It was also recently announced that, for the first time in over 20 years, the World Rowing Championships, will be hosted in the United States at Nathan Benderson State Park in the Fall of 2017 and in addition, the 2018 Division I, II, and III National Collegiate Rowing Championships have also been scheduled to be hosted at Nathan Benderson Park. Suncoast Aquatic Nature tocenter Associates (SANCA), the non-profit company that manages the park on behalf of Sarasota County, will also be submitting proposals to host both the 2018 World Rowing Masters Championship as well as the World Rowing Coastal Championships.

AccuDock Low Profile floating docks
AccuDock Low Profile floating docks recently installed at Nathan Benderson State Park's rowing venue.

AccuDock® floating dock systems offer solutions for all types of outdoor activities, whether it is rowing docks for clubs and universities, floating platforms for commercial applications, residential customers looking for kayak docks or floating docks, ADA compliant docks or aluminum gangways, AccuDock® supplies it all. As an ISO-9001 registered manufacturer, AccuDock® is committed to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and on time delivery. AccuDock® has over 20 years of experience in providing customers with floating dock solutions to meet their specific needs and has always been 100% committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative products while making sure each customer has an enjoyable experience every step of the way. What separates AccuDock® from other floating dock manufacturers is the ability to create any size, shape, or height floating dock, ensuring the best possible floating dock system for each install. AccuDock® floating docks are lightweight and portable, easy to install, and last for years to come. For additional information on AccuDock®, please contact an AccuDock®. sales professional by calling 1-800-910-8535.


Press Release: AccuDock® Announces 2014 Dealer of the Year - Custom Float Services

AccuDock® Floating Dock Systems announces Custom Float Services as its inaugural Dealer of the Year. Custom Float Services, established in 1987, specializes in the design, installation, service and refurbishment of all commercial and residential floating docks.
Read more of the AccuDock 2014 Dealer of the Year press release.


AccuDeck Decking New 2015 AccuDeck™ Color Choices

The choice of decking is often the most important and personal decision when it comes to the design of a consumer's floating dock and AccuDock®; makes sure to offer options to satisfy every taste and install requirements. It's the first thing a person sees each time they look out onto the water at their floating dock and will be the most noticeable aspect of it for years to come. The ideal decking choice for a floating dock or platform is dependent on a variety of factors including desired use, climate, aesthetic surroundings, ecological affects, and more.

Although there are a variety of decking materials often used in the construction of floating docks, PVC Decking has quickly become the most popular decking choice for the majority of applications. PVC decking (cellular PVC) is made by whipping PVC into a lighter less dense aerated foam. The foam is then extruded to various sizes and takes on the working characteristics of real wood without all the disadvantages.

Decked Willy Dock - AmberwoodDecked Willy Dock Amberwood
Fully Framed Float- Sand CastleFully Framed Float Sand Castle
Decked Gangway- Driftwood GreyDecked Gangway Driftwood Grey

We are currently running a Special
showcasing our new AccuDeck color choices!

Click here for Sale details!

Below are some of the benefits that AccuDeck™ PVC Decking offers:
  • Affordable- PVC is one of the most affordable decking materials available on the market for floating docks and saves the consumer additional money due to the fact that little to no money needs to be spent on maintenance

  • Ease of Installation- PVC deck boards are extremely lightweight due to how they are manufactured, which makes them much easier to work with and install

  • Durable- PVC decking is made from completely inorganic materials, it is resistant to cracking, splintering, rotting, and warping. Mold, mildew, and insect infestation damage are also not issues of concern when using PVC decking.

  • Low Maintenance- You don't have to stain, paint, or apply special treatments to protect your AccuDeck decking and keep it in good condition. Debris and dirt from use can be easily cleaned off with a hose and soft wet rag. For a little tougher messes, use simple eco-friendly household cleaning products along with a hose and soft cloth.

  • Eco-Friendly- PVC decking is 100 percent recyclable does not add to the already overly inflated demand on natural resources.

  • 25 Year Stain and Fade Warranty- AccuDeck™ PVC decking resists staining throughout the warranty period from standard food and beverage items found often in most households such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing and salad oils, grease, tea, wine, coffee, fruit punch, sodas and other food and beverage items. Standard household cleaning products and a soft cloth are recommended to be used to clean off the deck boards within a week of one of the aforementioned items being spilled on the decking. To ensure maximum durability and functionality, all install and maintenance suggestions should be followed.

  • Increases Aesthetic Appeal- Formulated to closely resemble real wood decking, there are slight differences in color and grain pattern from board to board, giving your floating dock the beauty and feel of nature with the strength and durability of synthetic materials.

  • Improved safety- the deep wood texture of AccuDeck™ decking created a safe non-slip surface while also having a much higher resistance to fire than organic wood decking.

  • ICC Code Approved- CCRR-0141

Accudeck Color Samples

AccuDeck™ PVC decking is available in two collections, Tropical Hardwoods and Seaside Collections, a total of seven gorgeous color choices (all shown above). The spectrum of rich colored AccuDeck™ choices allows each customer to choose an option that they feel best meets the required specifications and/or compliments the natural landscape of the install location. Each Accudeck™ PVC decking option is constructed using ASA capstock resin and retains its color under prolonged exposure to sun and weather and comes with a 25-year Stain and Fade Warranty.

***Additional decking materials and/or colors are available depending on the individual requirements of each project scope. Contact AccuDock®; at AccuDeck Gallery to inquire about additional options.

To view beautiful AccuDeck™ installs go to the AccuDeck Gallery.
Click for PDF The Docker - March, 2015


Press Release: AccuDock® Completes their ISO 9001:2008 Certification

AccuDock® is proud to announce that, as of September 3, 2014, the arduous process of attaining their ISO 9001:2008 certification has been completed. ISO 9001 is published by the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland...
Read more of the AccuDock ISO Certification press release.



The Most Overlooked Aspect of Floating Docks: Attachment Methods
Floating Dock Attachment 1
Floating Dock Attachment 2
Floating Dock Attachment 3

Floating dock attachment methods are the most important, yet overlooked, aspect of floating docks. The AccuDock®; sales, engineering, and design team is extremely knowledgeable in all the variations of attachment methods and has extensive experience in creating customized solutions to meet every need!

The attachment method and quality of its construction directly affects the durability, stability, and functionality of each floating dock. There are a number of factors that our AccuDock®; sales and engineering professionals consider when determining which attachment method would be best suited for each dock. Such factors include whether there is anything to attach to, the depth of water, the distance the dock will reside from the shore, water level fluctuations, wind and wave action, expected loads, configuration, and more!

Clearly, there are many variables that are considered in determining the most effective attachment method for each floating dock, which is why we highly recommend consulting with an AccuDock®; sales professional prior to making any decisions regarding the purchase of a floating dock and/or determining an attachment methods.

***Following (in red) is a link to a PDF table that the AccuDock®; Engineering and Design team put together that succinctly explains the various AccuDock®; floating dock attachments and the scenarios each would be used in.

Make sure to check it out if you are or will be in the market for a floating dock sometime in the future!

AccuDock®; Hires Marine Engineer

Here at AccuDock®;, we pride ourselves on being able to fully understand our clients' visions, integrate the proper engineering principles into that vision, and then manufacture a floating dock that provides value and exceeds performance expectations without compromising strength or functionality. This January, Marine Engineer (Chris Dibiasio), was added to the AccuDock®; team to provide each client with a professional insurance that their customized floating dock project remains structurally sound and properly secured once installed as designed. Since being hired, Chris has already made significant contributions to the AccuDock®; value proposition and his friendly, approachable, and dedicated personality has enabled him to gel seamlessly with the management and manufacturing staff as well as with our valued customers.


Chris is now, one of three Massachusians, among the office staff here in Pompano Beach, FL, and is extremely happy to be a part of the AccuDock®; team, FAR away from the endless snowfall the remainder of his family is having to endure, in his hometown of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. No doubt, Chris is the envy of his three siblings and parents, who all still reside in the North East. I am sure the endless pictures Chris shares with his family of himself and his girlfriend, in their spare time, enjoying the gorgeous Florida Sunshine while surfing, laying out at the beach, biking down A1A, or one of the many other outdoor activities he fills his weekends with, sure doesn't help... but hey, can you blame him?!

Since moving to South Florida in 2009, Chris has been completely committed to pursuing his goal of becoming a Marine Engineer and graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL) in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering. Chris then relocated to Boca Raton to pursue his Master of Ocean Engineering degree and jumped into a fast track program that allowed him to graduate within a year and a half and earn his M.S. in Ocean Engineering in December of last year.

In addition to being academically inclined, Chris has also attained a significant amountof experience through completing several summer internship stints at a marine engineering firm called Seascan located in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Seascan specializes in designing and manufacturing underwater instrumentation used for a wide variety of diagnostic and research projects. Throughout the two summers spent at Seascan, Chris' main responsibility was to design and draft individual components of the marine diagnostic and research instruments Seascan manufactured and create CAD drawings of them in Solid Works.

Some of the responsibilities Chris will be assuming here at AccuDock®; are as follows:

  • Master Plan Review
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Project Specification
  • Design Checking
  • Operational Review
  • Structural Certification
  • Creating Project specific CAD drawings

We are extremely excited about the addition of Chris to the AccuDock®; team and are already seeing results of the significant positive impact Chris has had and will continue to have on the overall design, engineering, and production of AccuDock®; Floating Dock Solutions.

Click for PDF The Docker - Feb., 2015

AccuDock Docker News
2014 - An AccuDock®; Year Worth Remembering

Like many of the previous years, 2014 was one filled with achievements and plenty of reasons for celebration. Major accomplishments were made in all areas of business in 2014 including administration, operation, manufacturing, marketing, and more. Some of the notable AccuDock 2014 highlights are listed below:

Operational Achievements
  • Approved for GSA Contracts
  • Attainment of ISO certification
  • Named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.
GSA Contract Holder
Ranked 2014 Inc 5000
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Manufacturing Achievements
Manufacturing Achievements
Marketing Achievements
  • Creation of segment focused consumer literature: Accudock Brochures
  • Implementation of online customer satisfaction survey
  • Creation of the AccuDock®; Dealer of the Year Program

    AccuDock Dealer of the Year Program
  • Start of The Docker - AccuDock Monthly Newsletter

Administrative Milestones
  • Addition of Quality Control Manager - Trish Nicholson
  • Expansion of Sales Department - Mike Walters
  • Addition of full time, in house, Marine Engineer - Chris Dibiasio
  • Administrative Assistant - Hired Brittany Thornton

This was a year with so many big achievements that hoping for a better one seems wishful thinking. However, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, which is one of our priorities. We look forward to an amazing year in 2015 and doing everything we can to be our BEST!
Click for PDF The Docker - Jan., 2015