LTL Domestic Shipments

AccuDock® takes exceptional pride in our shipping process. We have personal satisfaction knowing your order leaves our warehouse professionally packed, which results in the highest probability it is received without damage. We continually strive to obtain the best rates from numerous freight companies in order to pass the lowest possible shipping costs* to our customers.

All customers placing orders will receive an electronic letter outlining the shipping process. The letter will need to be signed and returned to your Sales Representative prior to your order leaving our facility.

International Shipments and Domestic Trucks

AccuDock® has been shipping full containers overseas extensively through our international dealer program that has been setup across the world. Each container is typically fully packed out to maximize the amount of product being shipped for the cost. For domestic large shipments, full dedicated trucks are loaded at our facility and are delivered to the customer at the best rate possible.

*AccuDock® reserves the right to change any shipping charges at any point, with justified reasoning.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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