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A custom dock that fits your business needs

AccuDock® floating docks style and durability allow for endless uses including commercial applications. Ranging from pier repairs, to scaffolding systems, AccuDock can provide a superior floating platform for all scopes of work that require access to the project from the water. Keeping logistics in mind, our lightweight, portable float sections are easy to transport and connect together. They can be customized into any specifications required for the job.


  • Built to Any Specifications and Requirements
  • Able to Achieve Any Float Depth Dimensions for any Requested Application
  • Customization Specialists, Provide You the Ability to Custom Build to Fit your Needs
  • Capable of Delivering on Any Size Project
  • Easy to Install, Stack and Transport
  • Made in the USA

Commercial Docks

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    Wastewater or Energy Plant Floating Platforms

    Work barge platforms for wastewater treatment and energy plants need to be agile, flexible, easy to work with, and cost-effective. Since they are battered by the elements, durability and strength are also critical. AccuDock, a global leader in industrial docks and floating platforms, provides tried, true, and trusted products that allow you to get to work. When you need a viable, effective solution, AccuDock delivers.

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    Floating Pump Supports

    Industrial docks need to be strong, durable, flexible, safe, and up to the demands of the job. When municipalities and businesses require versatile solutions, AccuDock delivers. A global leader in floating dock design and manufacturing, AccuDock is committed to providing unbeatable service and the highest quality products in the world.

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    Heavy Equipment Floatation Capabilities

    AccuDock has established a reputation as one of the world’s foremost authorities in residential, commercial, industrial, energy, and utilities sector dock and floating platform solutions. Our name is built on exceptional quality, customer service, and versatile, flexible, cost-effective products. When it comes to heavy equipment barge docks, AccuDock delivers the solutions that allow you to get to work – no matter how demanding the job.

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    Floating Scaffold/Work Platforms

    Our primary importance in any floating platform and scaffolding system project is safety, functionality, and quality. Our commitment has always been to manufacture quality products at a competitive price that meet the needs of almost every waterfront construction, repair, or maintenance project. AccuDock floating scaffolding systems are custom built to the specifications required for each project as well as being offered in standard packages.

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    AccuDock® floating marina dock systems can be customized for your site location and market using innovative marine technology and an engineered approach. These marina docks are made with quality materials that are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, accommodating a variety of surface materials. Providing excellent stability, load capacity, and an anti-skid surface, our marina floating docks can be built to any shape or size. Our marina docks can also achieve any float depth dimensions required at your project site. Custom-fabricated utility channels can be built to specific requirements such as utility size, conduit length, and overall layout. In other words, we are fully capable of providing innovative marina dock systems for some of the most unique sites or circumstances.

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    Aluminum Floating Docks

    AccuDock is the leader in manufacturing superior quality Aluminum Floating Docks. The ability to customize each dock to the specific needs of each customer as well as the keen attention to detail in each step of the manufacturing process makes AccuDock the premier choice for commercial and residential use everywhere. The fully welded aluminum frame provides unparalleled stability and durability in even the harshest marine environments.

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    Aluminum Gangways and Ramps

    Whether it is a single, double, or a triple rail system, our team takes into mind the configuration layout of your dock, and builds safety railings that are easy to install. We use 1-1/4″ schedule 40 aluminum pipe to fabricate railings to your specifications. As with all other custom fabrication, we pre-assemble and number each piece for ease of field installations. Railing footpads bolt into the aluminum frame surrounding each float section with 3/8″ SS hardware. Railings footpads can be adapted to be removable.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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