Rowing Launch Docks

The design of AccuDock Rowing Launch Docks offers a low freeboard while still ensuring buoyancy and stability are maximized. At AccuDock we understand the importance of safety while launching your rowing shell.  

Designed to meet all rowing standards, our docks are a favorite among clubs, universities and often used at high profile rowing events. Safety most importantly provides giving individuals or crews of all sizes easy access in and out of the water effortlessly. At 5 inches, the freeboard height is extremely low to the water and stable, allowing launching and docking extremely easy. 

Enjoy a rowing dock designed for seasons of low-maintenance use. Our rowing docks are made of polyethylene specifically designed to not rot, splinter or require paint and offer durability in all types of weather.

Our low freeboard rowing docks provide a safe and stable dock for rowers and coaches to enter and exit their shells easily. The design of our rowing dock is extremely easy to install and remove in winter months if needed. Unlike other docks you can easily add to your existing design or reconfigure should your layout need to be changed. 

AccuDock Rowing Launch Docks – Rio de Janeiro

Our docks in Rio de Janeiro were installed for the test event at the 2015 Junior World Rowing Championships. There is a 400’ 8 lane starting platform and three 16’ x 80’ launch docks. AccuDock also built a Coaches/ Referee access dock accommodating 18 launches and a 10’ x 176’ Awards dock.

AccuDock is here to help build a rowing launch dock that meets your requirements. Give us a call today to get started on your design!

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