AccuDock® floating marina dock systems can be customized for your site location and market using innovative marine technology and an engineered approach. These marina docks are made with quality materials that are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, accommodating a variety of surface materials. Providing excellent stability, load capacity, and an anti-skid surface, our marina floating docks can be built to any shape or size. Our marina docks can also achieve any float depth dimensions required at your project site. Custom-fabricated utility channels can be built to specific requirements such as utility size, conduit length, and overall layout. In other words, we are fully capable of providing innovative marina dock systems for some of the most unique sites or circumstances.

What Our Marina Dock Customers Are Saying

But don’t just take our word for it… Here’s what John Connor, Marina Bay General Manager, has to say about the AccuDock upgrades he made to his south Florida yachting center:

“These are locally manufactured, high-quality docks that we believe our valuable customers deserve. Each will offer expanded electrical service capable of handling all large yachts including European electrical systems, single or dual 50 amp, single or dual 100 amp single phase (240 volt), and single or dual 100 amp three-phase (480 volt).”

The Marina Bay Yachting Center project required a heavy-duty 12” aluminum dock structure with a floatation height of 33” and a desired freeboard of 42”. The 12’ wide x 24’ long dock sections are connected with continuous hinges. These seven sections per dock, totaling up to 170’ in length, and are finished with Wolf PVC decking in the color Amberwood. Each dock has full utility access for electric and water and is equipped with custom-built chain brackets (two per each section) for anchoring purposes, due to the necessary depth of the water at the marina.

As you can see, adding PVC decking to your dock enhances the overall look of your marina. Plus, our floating marina dock systems require no maintenance and can withstand the strongest weather conditions to ensure a long lifespan.

For example, at Sampson Cay Club and Marina in the Bahamas, AccuDock used slide assemblies to secure the 5’ wide x 182’ long x 17” high floating dock – adorned in PVC decking – to each piling to allow it to rise and fall with the drastically fluctuating tides. The 17″ custom height of the marina dock allows it to sit flush with the height of each boat hull to make entering and exiting the vessels safer, smoother transitions.

Marina Dock Systems with Staying Power

When it comes to durability, AccuDock marina docks are tough to beat. All our marina dock systems are made of HDPE flat sheets that fully encapsulate EPS foam and utilize 6061-T6 aluminum track frames built with 4″, 6″, or 8″ channels, based on your desired specifications. 6061-T6 aluminum is an ideal material due to its ability to be welded and the fact that it never rusts. The use of rustproof metal is particularly important in saltwater environments, as salt accelerates the rusting process of other metals.

Corrosion resistance is one of many reasons why Gasparilla Marina – located just off the Gulf of Mexico on the Gasparilla Sound in Placida, Florida – chose to have AccuDock install 7’ x 50’ aluminum floating docks with pentagon frames on the marina’s waterfront.

In addition to using 6061-T6 aluminum frames, AccuDock manufacturers all gangways and ramps in house using 6000-series marine-grade aluminum, and our corrosion-resistant aluminum brackets and connectors enhance the longevity of our marina dock systems. Since saltwater marina docks must combat exposure to salt both below and above the waterline due to the increased salinity in the air, the use of marine-grade aluminum on dock components both below and above the waterline is key.

Plus, AccuDock employs only American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders and uses advanced digital wave pulse MIG welding equipment so that each marina dock has superior strength and fortitude.

A sturdy and attractive dock system not only makes your marina look great, but also allows for more of your waterfront to be used. Contact AccuDock today to find out how our marina docks can help you make the most efficient, safe, and profitable use of your space – and be sure to ask about our ADA Compliant dock features!

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