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Types of Rowing Docks
Low Freeboard Rowing Docks
  • Low Freeboard Rowing Docks
  • Rowing Launch Docks
  • Rowing Start Docks
  • Rowing Venue Design / Build Assistance

Trusted manufacturer for Championship Rowing Docks worldwide

Our docks come in fully welded sections that will arrive at your site for easy installation and removal during winter months. 8ft, 10ft, or 12ft wide sections can be delivered up to 25ft long. For those who are avid rowers, we can customize a dock that works best for you.

For example a 10’ x 60′ dock would only be three pieces with our new fully welded frame. You can pull them out with a boat trailer, making installation that much easier.  Not only do our docks have a long lifespan but also offer your program a great value.


  • 5.5” (14cm) Freeboard with Access Ramps Available
  • Customize to any Length or Width
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made in the USA

Rowing Docks

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    Rowing Venue Design/Build Assistance

    AccuDock is dedicated to providing venue design and build assistance in the rowing, commercial, municipal, and residential industries. We offer services such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and project management. Your Sales Representative will work with you throughout the entire process.

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    Rowing Start Docks

    AccuDock has manufactured rowing docks for some of the world’s most prestigious rowing clubs, regattas, and championships. When hosting a major rowing event you certainly want to ensure that the rowers are able to enter and exit their shells safely. 

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    Rowing Launch Docks

    The design of AccuDock Rowing Launch Docks offers a low freeboard while still ensuring buoyancy and stability are maximized. At AccuDock we understand the importance of safety while launching your rowing shell.  

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    Low Freeboard Rowing Docks

    AccuDock Low Freeboard Rowing Docks are perfect for rowing facilities, boathouses, and universities. Offering the best in low freeboard access to the water, our design fits the needs for rowers, both individually or with a crew. AccuDock’s low profile rowing docks are light weight and are able to be disassembled easily during the winter season.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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