Floating Pump Supports

Industrial docks need to be strong, durable, flexible, safe, and up to the demands of the job. When municipalities and businesses require versatile solutions, AccuDock delivers. A global leader in floating dock design and manufacturing, AccuDock is committed to providing unbeatable service and the highest quality products in the world. 

The AccuDock Difference

AccuDock provides a variety of industrial docks and floating pump platforms – designed specifically for your needs. We know applications are not one size fits all; our unique manufacturing processes and on-site 30,000 square foot facility allows us to deliver unparalleled customization.

Our team can manage the project from start to finish, reviewing your specifications and engineering drawings to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. We strive to eliminate every obstacle – and every headache – along the way. This includes supporting you with site inspection, pump procurement, environmental data, and more. And rest assured: our products are backed with a warranty. You won’t have to worry about repairs or adjustments that could impact operations and affect your budget.

It is essential that your industrial dock or floating pump station is designed with your specific needs. “Good enough” is nowhere near good enough for AccuDock. Each product is meticulously designed to support the maximum load for any project from construction to maintenance. Further, we are able to customize the height of each dock or platform to ensure smooth operations, maximum convenience, and safety.

Whether you need a pumping station in a remote location, a number of high-capacity pumps, or a drive-on bridge, no job is too big, or too complex, for AccuDock.

A Look at Our Industrial Docks and Floating Pump Platforms

AccuDock’s solutions can be designed with a hole in the center, allowing for a cantilever pump, submersible pump, horizontal pump, piranha pump, dredge pump, or marine pump out equipment. Like we said: whatever you need! You may also choose to have your gangway fitted with a quick release pin. This way, the float can move freely, as required.

Other features of AccuDock’s industrial docks and floating pump stations include:

  • AccuDock’s standard float sections, made with 6000 Series Marine Grade Aluminum material. The highest quality, which is suitable for use in nuclear station environments. It’s safe, durable, and virtually impervious to the elements.
  • Optional double perimeter railings with hinge access gates.
  • Quick release pins on railings for easy, fast removal.
  • Enhanced safety features, including fall protection, toe boards, lifting rings, locking mechanisms, and guardrails.
  • OSHA compliant.
  • Simple installation. You may have complex needs, but your AccuDock system will be ready for work in no time.

Your industrial dock or floating pump platform will be built for you, and convenience, ease, flexibility, and cost savings are all included.

AccuDock is a trusted leader in commercial, residential, and industrial docks. No matter what you need, no matter how tough, gritty, and demanding your field, we have the solutions to keep you safe, compliant, and working. Contact us today to discuss your needs and request a quote.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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