Rowing Start Docks

AccuDock has manufactured rowing docks for some of the world’s most prestigious rowing clubs, regattas, and championships. When hosting a major rowing event you certainly want to ensure that the rowers are able to enter and exit their shells safely. 

AccuDock start dock platforms are can be customized to fit your venue and the number of start lanes required. In addition, the non-skid decking enhances the look without compromising the all-important, low profile aspect of the rowing dock. Even with the PVC decking, your rowing start dock and platform will still have a freeboard of 5” off the water!

Benefits of Choosing AccuDock Rowing Start Docks

  • Custom Design Build to any Venue Specification
  • Quick and Easy Adaptability to Regatta Lane Marking Requirements
  • Most Stable Starting Dock Available Due to Unique Manufacturing Process
  • Multi Roller Design System for ease of use with locking Mechanism on each Retractable Finger

AccuDock Rowing Start Dock at Nathan Benderson Park

Rowing teams and paddle sport aficionados will be able to enjoy this world class 10 lane floating start dock at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida all year due to its location on the sunny west coast of Florida. Nathan Benderson Park hosts many national and international rowing events such as the USRowing Youth National Championships, NCAA Rowing National Championships, US Olympic team rowing trials, just to name a few. AccuDock fabricated this 10 lane 425′ long start dock, which is the first of its kind in the world. The dock is affixed with ten 4′ x 60′ retractable finger docks and adjustable starting gate platforms that pivot to give each boat holder optimum positioning to the hull of the shell. This world class floating dock is held in place by four 45′ heavy duty aluminum control arms, as well as an 8′ x 25′ access ramp. AccuDock also installed five 16′ x 80′ launch docks that were both made easily accessible by 8′ x 40′ aluminum ramps.  See this amazing rowing dock in its entirety and how it functions below.

AccuDock Rowing Start Docks are maintenance free, safe and durable. If you’re in need of adding a start dock at your facility, give us a call today!

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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