Several long rowing docks next to each other for a rowing competition.

Revolutionize Your Rowing Program: Unleash the Potential of Floating Docks

Rowing has had a long evolution of history, starting as a means of transportation and alternative to sailing in military forays to now being a prestigious and competitive sport. Beyond the evolution of rowing’s purpose, the functionality of the boats and docks has also changed. Rowing facilities have replaced old traditional wood docks with modern,
Six rowing teams are launching off floating docks used for elite rowing facilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Floating Docks for Rowing Programs: Insights for Coaches

Unlike traditional wood and fixed docks, floating docks are platforms set on water bodies that rise and fall with the water levels. For professional rowing programs and coaches, these stable terraces offer all the support needed to enter and exit their shells. They are the launching points for rigorous training sessions and enhance the safety
A commercial dock full of sailboats in Annapolis, maryland.
Camps and Parks

5 Reasons to Visit the Sailing Capital of the US: Annapolis

Popularly known for its boating thrills, the city of Annapolis stands as a beacon of maritime enchantment, beckoning travelers from far and wide to indulge in its maritime splendors. Nestled within the heart of Maryland, this captivating destination has woven itself into the fabric of adventure, catering to sailors, history buffs, and food connoisseurs alike.
An athletic woman in a warrior 2 yoga stance on a stand-up paddleboard.
Kayak Paddle Sports

How Can Yoga Help Boost Your SUP Performance?

The stand-up paddleboarding craze does not look like it’s dying off anytime soon. One way to boost your strength and balance as you float across the water is through yoga poses. The two wellness and fitness activities are interconnected in numerous ways and, when combined, have a host of synergistic benefits. How can yoga help boost your
floating rowing dock at a rowing program

Invest in Excellence: How Floating Docks Elevate Rowing Programs

Floating docks are buoyant unsinkable platforms that quickly adapt to the natural movement of water. They are easy to install and maintain and do not cause damage to the seabed since they are not embedded. This docking solution is a good rowing program investment that provides a stable and easy way to access rowing shells.
Men's Team Carrying Equipment to the Water

Designed for Champions: Floating Docks Optimized for Rowing Programs

In the world of rowing, where precision, efficiency, and performance are paramount, the importance of a well-designed floating dock cannot be overstated. Floating docks optimized for rowing programs are the unsung heroes that enable champions to train and compete at their best. Why Build Floating Docks? Accessibility: Floating docks provide convenient and accessible access to
Beautiful Lake with a dock
Lake Docks

The 15 Best Lake Towns in the U.S

People often dream of escaping to lake towns in summer to relax and enjoy the natural beauty while hanging out on a floating dock. The United States is home to numerous scenic lake towns that offer breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures. These 15 best lake towns are sure to enthrall you. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada Nestled
photo of springs in the summer

4 Best Summer Vacations in the US for 2023

There’s no better time for vacation than summer. After all, everyone needs to catch a break before the long winter. While this may be the best time for vacation, there are different places to visit. Below are three destinations for summer vacations in 2023 that you can consider. Park City, Utah Park City, Utah, offers
workers using a flat deck barge platform with heavy equipment flotation for a coastal construction project
Commercial Floating Docks

Why Flat Deck Barge Platforms with Heavy Equipment Flotation Are Ideal for Coastal Construction Projects

One of the things that makes humanity so unique is our ability to shape the earth, regardless of the challenges involved. That includes projects that take place on the open water. If you’re engaged in a complex coastal project, flat deck barge platforms with heavy equipment flotation can provide the stability, utility, and quality that
a converging point of view of a well-managed marina floating dock with a tiki bar at the end
Floating Docks Marina Docks

Top Maintenance Tips for Your Marina Floating Docks

For a good portion of the year, your marina dock systems are exposed to environmental  elements 24/7. That opens the door to rust, corrosion, and other types of damage. Keeping your marina floating docks as clean as possible helps you stave off worse problems down the road.  Cleaning procedures should involve a mix of the
workers standing on a floating scaffolding platform repairing the side of a yacht
Commercial Floating Docks

How to Choose the Right Floating Scaffolding Platform for Off-the-Water Projects

Projects that take place on the water present a special set of challenges for marine engineers. The difficulties and challenges inherent to water-based construction can be tackled through the use of a custom-made, floating scaffolding platform affixed to your floating dock or other infrastructure.  Today we’re going to explore the world of off-the-water scaffolding platforms
aerial view of a customized floating dock for commercial purposes
Commercial Floating Docks

How Heavy Equipment Floating Docks Improve Marine Construction Efficiency

In order to be successful at marine construction, your team has to have a high level of adaptability. Out on the water, environmental conditions change rapidly, and you can’t count on the same level of stability —and safety— as you can with land-based jobs. Fortunately, heavy equipment floating docks will help you level the playing

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