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Camps and Parks

5 Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July on a Boat

Independence Day is coming, and there’s no better place to spend this summer holiday than on a boat. Across the country, boaters will be hitting the hottest spots over the course of the holiday weekend, spending time with friends and family, enjoying the water, barbecues, and (of course) fireworks. What can you do to celebrate
building a custom dock
Floating Docks Residential

Reasons Why You Should Build a Custom Dock

Building a custom dock is like having your own designated parking spot for your car. You can dock your boat at any time, at your convenience, and never have to worry about jockeying for position. Besides the ability to conveniently dock your boat, one of the key reasons behind building a custom dock is so
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Commercial Safety

How Should Recreational Boaters Use Commercial Docks?

Just like some people have stress when parking a car, others have stress when docking a boat. Not docking properly can not only damage your boat but also the commercial dock or, God forbid, others’ boats. How should recreational boaters use commercial docks? If you are a new boat owner or are considering purchasing a
Floating dock use ideas
Floating Docks

How to Get the Best Use of Your Floating Dock

Many boat owners would love to have a floating dock, but most don’t know all of the benefits that come with a floating dock. Often, floating docks aren’t utilized to their full potential. So, we’ve compiled a list of our best floating dock use ideas. Today, most floating docks are modular, meaning that they can
floating docks for rowing shells
Floating Docks Rowing

Why You Need a Floating Dock For Your Rowing Shells

Both rowing and sculling are popular water sports in North America. From the outside looking in, people may not realize that while the sport itself may appear fun, getting inside a rowing shell can be difficult when you’re just getting started. If you are planning to row or use a scull, then you first need
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What Rowing Floating Docks are Used by Most Collegiate Teams?

Some of the Best Ranked Docks Used By Most Collegiate Rowing Programs Although rowing has been a recognized sport since 1828 with the inaugural race between Oxford and Cambridge in England, it continues to pick up speed in popularity year after year.  Rowing floating docks, also known as low-profile docks, were designed especially for rowers. 
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Floating Docks Rowing

What are Rowing Shell Floating Docks and How Can I Use Them?

Rowing shell floating docks enable rowers to more easily get in and out of their rowing boats (or shells).  When rowers climb into their shells, they are climbing into their boat used for rowing.  Racing shells are long and narrow.  Their length depends on the number of rowers who are going to use it.  A
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Floating Docks Rowing

How to Choose Recreational Rowing Docks That Are Right for You

Recreational floating docks can offer many great benefits.  Another summer is almost upon us, and practically everyone is ready to get out on the water, whether it be a lake, river, or Intracoastal, and enjoy fun activities or just relax, while at the same time grabbing some rays.  Knowing the different types of rowing docks
low profile rowing dock

5 Benefits of Low-Profile Docks for Rowing

Sailing and Rowing are two of the most physically demanding water sports. So, the right sailing and rowing docks can make getting out on the water easy, which is welcomed. Rowing is great exercise, and it’s an exciting and challenging sport for many who like to race competitively.  Rowing can give your body a full
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Kayak Paddle Sports

6 Genius Gifts for Kayakers and Canoeists

When you want to give someone a gift, generally you want it to be something useful – something that person can really use and not just be another item that gets thrown in the closet to be donated at the next spring cleaning.  It’s often difficult to know what kinds of gifts for kayakers would
floating dock gift for new boat owner

Looking for a Gift For New Boat Owners? Here are 5

Your friends just bought a new boat and they have invited you for a day on the water.  You need a gift for new boat owners, and one that they’ll really use and enjoy, or at least get a kick out of. What can you take along as a gift to show your appreciation for
waterfront living

3 Benefits of Waterfront Living

If you are considering buying waterfront property, you have certainly given thought to the many benefits of waterfront living.  Some people look forward to raising a family near the water so that they can more easily enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, entertaining, or just relaxing as a family.  Others look forward to such a purchase when

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