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Floating Boat DocksAccuDock® is the leader in providing waterfront solutions for all sorts of outdoor activities and is known worldwide for manufacturing the highest quality floating docks with a degree of customization that allows each customer to purchase the floating dock of their dreams.

The patented manufacturing process that AccuDock has perfected over the years enables each customer to customize nearly every aspect of their floating dock including but not limited to its size, shape, height, material, accessories, decking and more.

There is truly no limit to docks that AccuDock has manufactured. Ranging from residential floating docks to larger commercial floating dock applications, low profile rowing docks to kayak and paddle sport docks and ADA complaint docks.

We take the utmost care in each customer’s satisfaction every step of the way. The experienced team of professionals at AccuDock are passionate about ensuring that the products, customer service and support provided to every client is top notch. Maintaining the manufacturing quality and standards of being an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer is vital to each individual employee. AccuDock only uses the highest quality U.S. sourced materials and is committed to manufacturing all floating docks, gangways and ramps in the United States. Our floating docks are durable, lightweight, easy to install and provide each customer with the ideal waterfront solution.

Allowing them to finally take advantage of the endless hours of enjoyment that come along with a life on the water!
ADA Compliant Docks, Gangways and Ramps Every gangway, ramp, floating pier and boat ramp can be manufactured to meet ADA specifications making them completely handicap accessible. Marine grade 6000 series aluminum is used in the custom fabrication of all ADA ramps, gangways and railings. All of which are welded by AWS certified welders to ensure the highest degree of safety, reliability, functionality and an attractive appearance.

AccuDock has provided customized ADA complaint floating docks for a wide range of government agencies including national parks, public parks, DOI, FWS, as well as many public marinas. Our customized ADA compliant floating docks are truly built to the specifications provided by the customer and can be manufactured with multi slips, overhead assists bars, toe boards, ADA ramps and a safe launch and/or transfer platform.

AccuPort PWC Jet Ski DockThe AccuPort is the ultimate PWC Jet Ski floating dock with its universal hull support. There are 12 rollers complete with 30 different adjustment variations, removable bow stop with tie off clip and the ability to be connected to each other, any floating or fixed dock as well as a stand-alone application.

With a maximum weight capacity of 2,500 pounds, there is literally no personal watercraft on the market that can’t be accommodated by this superior PWC dock. The AccuPort is by far the best choice in available PWC docking options.

The AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock provides the smoothest transition from the water to your PWC dock because you simply just drive on and step off. Its 6′ x 12′-8" dimension provides every enthusiast plenty of surface area in order to safely dismount from their PWC. The non-slip surface and cool white color further enhances the safety and aesthetic appeal of the AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock.

Kayak and Paddle Sport Docks Our kayak launches give everyone the ability to get out onto the water and enjoy nature. We are also the industry leader in manufacturing customized low profile floating Paddle board docks. These docks can be accessorized with waist high grab rails, paddle sport storage racks, ladders and stairs to make transitioning to and from the dock’s surface and your SUP easy, smooth and a safe transition for any level of Paddle Board enthusiast. There is no degree of safety requirements that our products don’t meet. We also offer an ADA Floating Kayak launch with a safe launch and transfer platform which provides access from wheelchair height down to dock level, making loading and launching a breeze.