Which Floating Dock Is Right For You?

How do you plan on using your dock?
  • Residential
  • Rowing
  • Commercial
  • Camps and Parks

Residential Docks

Whether you’re interested in using your floating dock to relax and soak up the sun, entertain, or for water sport enthusiasts, AccuDock is committed to designing a floating dock system that fits your lifestyle
  • Customize to any Design or Application
  • Multiple Decking Enhancement Options
  • Durable, Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Made in the USA

Rowing Docks

AccuDock is the #1 trusted manufacturer for Championship Rowing Docks worldwide. Our docks come in fully welded sections that will arrive at your site for easy installation and removal during the winter months. For those who are avid rowers, we can customize a dock that works best for you.
  • 5.5” (14cm) Freeboard with Access Ramps Available 
  • Customize to any Length or Width 
  • Low Maintenance  
  • Made in the USA

Commercial Docks

AccuDock floating docks style and durability allow for endless commercial uses. Ranging from Marinas to Scaffold Platforms, AccuDock can provide a superior floating dock for any scope of work that requires access to the project from the water.
  • Built to Any Specifications and Requirements
  • Able to Achieve Any Float Depth Dimensions for any Requested Application
  • Customization Specialists, Provide You the Ability to Custom Build to Fit your Needs
  • Capable of Delivering on Any Size Project
  • Easy to Install, Stack and Transport
  • Made in the USA

Camps and Parks Docks

AccuDock has the ability to add any degree of safety features making each park & camp dock fully ADA compliant. Plus, AccuDock is an environmentally conscious manufacturer using the highest quality products that won’t pollute or harm our rivers, lakes, and streams.
  • ADA-Compliant Options Available
  • Low Profile Easy Use for Swimmers and Water Sports
  • Customize to Any Shape or Size
  • Excellent Stability, Load Capacity and Anti-Skid Surface
  • Made in the USA


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The Benefits of Having a Floating Dock

AccuDock® is the leading floating dock manufacturer worldwide, providing waterfront solutions for a variety of outdoor activities. AccuDock not only uses the highest quality USA sourced materials in each floating dock for sale, but also offers a degree of customization that allows each customer to purchase a floating dock that suits their needs. Our product line ranges from floating docks for homes to larger commercial floating dock applications. As one of the top dock dealers, we proudly stand behind our quality floating dock products 100%, taking a personal interest in every purchase. Our mission first and foremost is to ensure our customers receive extraordinary customer service and are completely satisfied with our docks for sale.
  • Safety

  • Convenience

  • Comfort

  • Durability

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks

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