Leisure Docks

Adding a leisure dock to your waterfront property may seem like an easy straight forward purchase, but in reality, there is a unique design for every homeowner. There are many things to consider when designing a leisure dock.

Before you get around to requesting an estimate you should first get an idea of what design you’d like your dock to have. Determine what will you be using your dock for; sunbathing, outdoor dining, yoga? How much space you’ll need to accommodate your chaise lounges, tables and chairs or other outdoor furniture. Will you not only be using your dock for leisure, but if you’ll also be using your dock to access the water to swim or for your water toys. Whether you would like to have decking, if you’ll need any accessories added to your dock. It is always a good idea to get your plan on paper first and consider all possibilities.

Getting the size of your dock incorrect can be a frustrating problem, so it’s worth it to build a dock slightly bigger than you think you need rather than one that is too compact. Your sales representative will go over all key factors you should keep in mind when designing your leisure dock for your waterfront property.

At AccuDock we take pride in our products and pay special attention to every project so you can rest assured knowing that your waterfront investment was designed for excellence. We adhere to high standards so you will have confidence your waterfront investment is securely protected.

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