What Size Dock Do I Need?

September 09 2020

Nothing beats access to water for leisure or sport. So, why not do it right and make sure you have the best fit for your floating dock? Dock size is important as docks can be highly customized to meet your specific needs. Whether accessing a pond, lake, or other body of water, docks make it easier and safer to get in and out of boats and help you avoid the icky, mucky, or rocky part of the shore. Let’s be honest, no one wants to wade through that!

Floating Dock Height Above Water

Now that you’ve decided on a floating dock for your home, business property, or summer lake cabin, let’s talk about floating dock height above water. This is referred to as the freeboard height, or the distance between the main deck of the dock and the waterline. For rowers, lower is better to facilitate easier – safer – entrances and exits. Learn more about low-profile rowing docks here.

Though many docks are somewhat customizable, AccuDock is the only manufacturer that can create a floating dock as low as 5” or as high as up to an unlimited height. However, for stability reasons, it’s best if the dock can sit as close to level with the water as possible while meeting your needs.

AccuDock dock sizes are highly customizable and are guaranteed to have a universal wall thickness of .150 inches (min.). The lid or top surface has a 2-1/2” lip around the entire float.  The dock has an aluminum frame surrounding the entire perimeter that is 2” x 2” x .125” of square tubing with radius corners. When you find the right fit for your property and water type, you can maximize your access – and your enjoyment.

Dock Size and Measurements

Dock size and measurements for floating dock height above water depend on how you want to use the dock, what is most comfortable to you, and, largely, what the water conditions are. AccuDock can help you determine the perfect measurements to meet your needs. Give us a call; we’ve got answers.

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