Floating Docks


The quality, versatility and strength of AccuDock® Floating Docks are unparalleled. The combination of the highest quality materials, decades of research and development, and continued commitment to customer service and satisfaction is why AccuDock® is widely accepted as the premier floating dock manufacturer worldwide. Whether it is a low profile rowing dock, DIY floating dock kit, floating pontoon work platform, ADA compliant dock, aluminum gangway, scaffolding, a floating scaffolding platform or a kayak launch, AccuDock® has the specific floating dock for sale that you need regardless of the application.

Unlimited Options

The AccuDock® unique manufacturing process allows us to create almost any size or shape of floating dock or pontoon. Our ability to manufacture custom aluminum docks where there is no request that can’t be met, is truly what sets us apart. Our staff of experienced professionals helps you through every step when purchasing your floating dock including the design, engineering, permitting consultation. and the installation process. We take pride in providing an enjoyable and worry free customer experience.


A wide variety of decking options are also available, including PVC decking in a variety of assorted colors, treated wood, aluminum and more. For additional information on all of our floating dock, gangway and scaffolding decking options.

Confidence in Choosing AccuDock®

The AccuDock® team diligently works toward providing each customer with the highest quality product and an enjoyable customer experience. The superior engineering, design and construction of our floating docks provide years of worry free enjoyment. Attention to detail and customer service is given to each and every project, whether it’s a world class rowing dock, a commercial work float or a residential floating boat dock. ADA compliant floating docks are also available including ADA kayak launches, canoe launches, transfer platforms, ADA Gangway Systems, ADA scaffold systems and more. AccuDock® always ensures the highest degree of safety is being provided during installation.


Built to Last

AccuDock® floating docks provide superior stability and durability due to their 100% encapsulated rugged foam core. AccuDock® framed floating docks and floating pontoons offer added strength due to the structural marine grade aluminum frame that surrounds them. In addition to the frames, all brackets and connectors are also made of rustproof, corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum. Our unique manufacturing process enables us to manufacture floating dock systems that are not only durable and portable but also easy to install and maintain.


All AccuDock® welders are AWS (American Welding Society) certified to ensure that only the highest quality welds are used in manufacturing AccuDock® framed aluminum floating docks, scaffolding, aluminum gangways, ramps and Aluminum Full Frame Design control arms.


AccuDock® floating docks, gangways, ramps and scaffolding systems are manufactured in the USA using 100% USA raw materials. AccuDock® is also an ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified manufacturer.

Environmentally Friendly

AccuDock® floating docks are made of HDPE flat sheets that fully encapsulate EPS foam. EPS is premium virgin material and does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or formaldehyde which are harmful to the earth’s ozone. EPS also does not produce contaminating that pollute the water. Premium HDPE creates no harmful emissions during production and also does not leak any toxic chemicals into the water. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, AccuDock® also recycles all scrap aluminum and plastic.