Scaffolding Dock Package


Our primary importance in any scaffolding system project is safety, functionality, and quality. Our commitment has always been to manufacture quality products that meet the needs of almost every waterfront construction, repair, or maintenance project. The 10’ x 16’ platform features a bump strip around the perimeter, a double railing on both 10’ sides and one 16’ side. This Scaffolding Dock Package also includes a single walking level scaffold system by others, as well as mounting pads to accept the scaffold legs with hardware to bolt in position.

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10’ x 16’ Scaffolding Dock Package


  • 5′ x 8′ x 8″ Framed Float (4)
  • S-Style Connectors with Bumpstrip (4)
  • H-Style Connector (1)
  • Scaffolding by others with Tie-Down Brackets (2)
  • 36’ Double Railing
  • 52’ Installed Bumpstrip
  • 8″ Cleat (4)

White – $9,731

Dock Package does not include Attachment Methods, Brackets or Accessories unless noted. Tax, Shipping and Installation costs are additional.

Decking Options

  • Amberwood
  • Cypress
  • Driftwood Grey
  • Harbor Grey
  • Rosewood
  • Sand Castle
  • Silver Teak
  • Weathered Ipe

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