benefits of floating docks

4 Benefits of Floating Docks

April 01 2023

Are you thinking about putting up a new dock? Floating docks offer unique features compared to permanent docks. At AccuDock, we work hard to provide all the knowledge you require to understand the maritime building industry. Determining which kind of dock will best meet your needs can be very challenging. The decision between a floating dock and a fixed dock is one of the most important. Read on to learn more about the different types of floating docks.

Types of Docks

Floating docks

Docks that float on the water’s surface are held in place by other floating boat docks, a fixed dock, or another permanent structure. Floating swimming and boating docks are removable and regarded as semi-permanent structures that adapt to fluctuating water levels and are extremely safe to use.

Fixed docks

They are supported by pilings, which are pushed into the seabed and resemble columns.

Advantages of Floating Docks

Simple to Maintain

The majority of floating boating and swimming docks are constructed from low-maintenance materials like polyethylene. Install your floating dock and begin using it immediately because this material doesn’t require painting or staining. Also, cleaning it is simple and typically only requires soap and water.

Adapts to High and Low Water Conditions

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floating swimming and boating docks are less likely to sustain damage during severe weather events like hurricanes because of their design. Floating docks provide more storm protection because they are elastic.

Comfortable Expansion

Floating docks that are modular can be easily expanded and are frequently supplied in parts. You can design and reconfigure your floating dock anytime to best suit your needs by connecting sections using connectors like building bricks.

Less Expensive to Install

Builders can frequently install floating docks more quickly and economically than fixed docks. Floating docks often have an easier and less expensive installation process because they do not need pilings or substructures for support. You can even buy readymade floating docks for the quickest installation option. We offer many types of floating docks.

Contact us today to get help with your floating dock design. Our dock specialists can also assist if you require a floating dock that has additional features in any part of the country. Using a floating dock, we construct a unique design tailored to your requirements.

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