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5 Benefits of Low-Profile Docks for Rowing

May 04 2022

Sailing and Rowing are two of the most physically demanding water sports. So, the right sailing and rowing docks can make getting out on the water easy, which is welcomed. Rowing is great exercise, and it’s an exciting and challenging sport for many who like to race competitively.  Rowing can give your body a full workout; it takes much strength and stamina.  To those who don’t understand, it may look easy when they see rowing shell boats skimming the water’s surface in rapid precision with four or eight rowers aboard, but we know it’s far from easy.  It is an endurance sport, and you need to be in really good physical shape to be able to participate.  Low-profile docks can be of assistance as they can make entering and exiting the vessel much easier, thereby allowing all your strength to be reserved for rowing.


Many benefits are noticeable when utilizing sailing, rowing and low-profile docks, including an even or level surface from which to enter and exit the vessel.  For starters, it can be a multi-use dock that can also be used for such activities as swimming and fishing.  As well, it can save energy for rowers when getting in and out of the shell because it makes the process much easier.  Listed below are just a few more of its benefits.

  1. Easy to install.
  2. Sturdy and can last a long time.
  3. Allows vessels to launch from both sides.
  4. Requires little maintenance; easy to maintain.
  5. Easy to connect to other docks and can provide for a seamless transition.


Among rowing dock manufacturers, AccuDock is known for the ability to customize sailing and rowing docks for specific needs.  AccuDock offers build assistance, along with design and engineering services.  The company is also noted as “the #1 trusted manufacturer for Championship Rowing Docks.”

For more information about sailing and rowing docks, call AccuDock today at 1-954-785-7557.

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