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5 Best Boating Destinations in the World You Will Love

January 18 2023

There are different places all over the world where you can have a wonderful boating experience. However, various best and top destinations make a whole lot of difference from others. If you are a boat lover looking for a place to have a real boating experience, this guide takes you through the best boating destinations in the world.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one the best places to boat and the world’s foremost place for vacation and boat lovers. The place is naturally beautiful, with a wide range of features like a laid-back island, cays, islets, warm waters, unlimited food, cocktails, and many more. You can spend the entire time boating in the waters as you enjoy the view of the shallow waters that surround the island chains and deepest canyons in the world.


With a luxurious and convenient boat transportation system, you can expect a thrilling experience when boating in Croatia. The coast of Croatia has many islands for boaters to explore as you enjoy your holiday. Croatia also has sites that you can explore that feel deeply historical. Its beauty makes the place stand out with different places you can explore, such as where the HBO series Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is among the best boating destinations in the world and a boating and fishing paradise. The area has flaming rivers, beaches, and historic restaurants serving fresh fish. Rhode Island is among the top original thirteen colonies that offer exceptional boating experiences that live historical memories in the minds of the boaters and other visitors. This place is more suitable for boaters who are more accustomed to tropical environments.

The Great Lakes

If you are looking for the best places to boat in North America, then The Great Lakes is your ideal destination. This place has a chain of deep freshwater with numerous lakes and significant natural features. The lakes are bordered by large historical cities and other small fishing towns. Boaters enjoy a view of lakes with larger volumes of water that are thousands of miles.

The Waters of New Zealand

This is an island nation that offers a remarkable boating experience to boat lovers. The place has beautiful beaches, first-growing cities, and majestic mountains that create a fantastic view of the area. If you visit New Zealand in December, you will find many locals making turns on the water and sailing through the waters with boats.

The Bottom Line

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