5 Best Dock Lighting Ideas

Everybody should look at several considerations regarding dock lighting ideas before making a final decision.  Low voltage (12V) boat dock lights are usually the preferred choice for smaller camping spaces or smaller park areas.  Depending on other nearby sources of lighting already in place, you may need to buy a transformer and locate it within 100 feet of the dock to maximize lighting potential.

If you are in a large camp or park setting, you could consider using higher voltage lines, but those can come with a safety risk.  You don’t want to create any potential hazards for your campers accidentally, so you will need to factor any risks into your final decisions.

Solar S. Wired – Which Lighting Method Should You Choose?

Solar lights come without the risk of high or low voltage lines, and they represent an eco-friendly choice.  Solar power is still considered relatively expensive in homes, at least the upfront costs, but the good news is that solar is actually considered the more affordable choice for docks.

However, something to think about is that if the dock doesn’t get a lot of sun, you may not be able to build up enough to see you through cloudy days.  Also, with solar power, you will need to consider the fact that the batteries must be replaced regularly.

Wired lighting is actually going to cost more upfront because, unless you have a knowledgeable electrician on staff, you’re going to need professional services to get the job done right.  Lighting that is wired will last longer, be brighter, and won’t be confined to just the sunny areas of your dock.

However, it will require a transformer, and it will add a bit of extra cost to the camp’s or park’s electric bill.  You could combine both methods of lighting if you so choose.  Whatever you do, whenever electrical wiring is around water, make sure that marine-grade materials are used.  Safety should always be the first consideration.

Dock Lighting Ideas

Underwater Lights. These are tons of fun for kids and adults, too, because they are low-voltage and can be safely used in the water surrounding your dock.  Get the GREEN ones because that color attracts fish!  Underwater lights can also add a glow to the area – great for telling fish stories from the day’s events!

Motion-Activated Lights.  These are terrific for lighting up areas as you need them, but when you have passed through, and there is no more motion to activate them, the lights will go off.  This can be great if, after your campers are done for the day in that area, and campers are resting, telling stories of their adventures that day, they can look out on the lake and just experience the peaceful night.  When needed, however, if a camper needed to go into an area that was darkened to get something, the lights will come on in that area to help him/her better see their way.

Flush-Mounted Lighting.  Typically seen as round “dots” that are flush with the surface of the walkway, you can safely walk on or over them; they won’t present an obstacle for someone to possibly trip on.  They are not noticeable during the day but at night, they will do their job of lighting up your dock area.  This type of lighting also works great to illuminate outdoor stairs.

Wharf Lights.  Want to give your campers the feel of being on a real wharf?  Install wharf lights overhead.  While looking good during the day, they will light up the area at night to give campers plenty of ability to see where they are going – you don’t want any trips or falls.  Wharf lights are usually made from a durable metal finish that also makes the lights aesthetically pleasing, with a nautical effect.  Make sure the metal finish says that it is “marine grade” so the lights can withstand harsh conditions.  They should be aluminum lights with a powder coating.

Power Pedestals.  You will want to invest in some power pedestals because not only do they provide a source of light, but they also provide a source of power.  The pedestal looks like a small lighthouse with lights that shine downward 360 degrees.  As well, it can supply power to boats safely and conveniently, along with some of your other dock lights.

You can rest assured that whatever decisions you make, AccuDock can help you implement them to light your space in the best way possible to benefit your happy campers.  Call today at 1.954.785.7557 to discuss dock lighting ideas and more.

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