water activities

Spending time together as a family is very important, and water activities and boating activities can help everyone come together to have lots of fun and create great memories!  Whether you are at a lake, river, or another body of water, plenty of water activities can be found to enjoy.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Young children and adults can enjoy stand-up paddleboarding and it’s great exercise as well as a ton of fun!  It’s a complete physical exercise workout because it takes using your legs, arms, back, shoulders, and core to keep yourself balanced.  Paddleboards are typically 10 to 11 feet in length.  

Beginners should start with a longer length, about 11 feet, while more experienced paddleboarders can use shorter boards, at about 10 feet, if desired.  Kids of all ages can invent a plethora of games to play while on the paddleboard, including two people standing on opposite ends of the paddleboard and seeing who can topple the other off first.


Wait, what?  Yoga?  Yes, yoga!  You can practice yoga nearly anywhere, even on a paddleboard.  It’s all about keeping the right balance.  Kids can even have contests, seeing who can strike which yoga poses on the paddleboard without falling off!  Great fun!  When you have a nice dock nearby, you can also practice yoga on the dock.

Dock Jumping

You can have a lot of fun dock jumping.  Kids never seem to tire of it.  Jump off the dock, swim back to the dock, and do it all over again.  You can even try tricks when jumping off the dock and see who comes up with the best trick, or you can see who can jump the farthest.  Fun times!  You can also incorporate floats and floating toys, like a football, and play your own games in the water.

Pedal Boating

Oftentimes you can rent these at campgrounds or lakes.  Adults and kids can do this activity together, especially when kids are younger and maybe their feet aren’t quite long enough yet to reach the pedals.  This is another great choice for water activities and it also provides great exercise while having fun.  Pedal around the lake and look at the scenery.  Where the lake is shallow enough, kids can try to look below the surface and see what they can find.


When looking for boating activities, you can’t go wrong with a canoe (or a kayak, or a rowboat, or … almost any boat!).  It’s fun to learn how to use the paddles when a child is first learning how to canoe or kayak.  

They will be so proud of their accomplishment when they learn how to do it and are rowing on their own!  Docks can be purchased with a “slip” specially designed for kayaks so that you can get in one fairly easily and then push off from the dock and out into the water.

Water activities and boating activities are great family fun and really great fun for all.  Having a dock nearby can be a huge benefit and help everyone enjoy the activities.  AccuDock has a variety of products that can help with water activities and boating activities, including kayak and paddle sport docks, leisure docks, and floating swim docks.  Call them at 1-954-281-8900 today to learn more about getting your own sports dock.

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