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7 Types of Recreation Boats That Should Get You Excited

What are the best recreation boats?  It depends on the uses you have in mind for it.  Do you want to mostly entertain guests, have a thrilling ride, have all the at-home amenities, enjoy water sport activities, or do a combination of all these?  Boats come in all types, shapes, and sizes, and can accommodate nearly every need.  What boat type gets you excited?

Types of Recreation Boats


A Bowrider is a boat for a smaller number of people, up to about six or so.  It’s a simple boat with no frills and no amenities, including no cooking facilities.  It is, however, comparatively inexpensive, easy to load on a trailer, and easy to clean after a small party of family and friends.  It is a versatile boat, but not a grand boat.  It can be used for towable water sport activities.

Cabin Cruiser

If you like to entertain, you can get excited about a Cabin Cruiser because it has a full kitchen (known as a “galley” in boat-speak).  It can easily accommodate up to 12 people; it has lots of seating, and it has an area to keep guests protected from bad weather.  This is definitely one of the great recreation boats.

Center Consoles 

Also great for entertaining, this type of boat is typically fitted with wet bars, icemakers, and outdoor grills – that’s all you really need for a day on the water where food is concerned.  This boat can also be used for saltwater fishing expeditions, so if that piques your interest, then this is an ideal choice.  It has wide-open spaces and lots of seating available.

Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers 

Who wouldn’t get excited about this type of boat?  This boat is when you want to do things on a grand scale.  It is a luxurious boat and ideal for entertaining crowds.  There are multiple cabins, indoor and outdoor social areas, full cooking facilities, and all the conveniences of home.  For many people, this is what recreation boats are all about.

Pontoon Boats

The Pontoon boat started it all, didn’t it?  It’s known as the original “party barge.”  They typically have a lot of amenities onboard.  There are different sizes of Pontoon boats that can seat from 10 to dozens of guests – the larger pontoon boats can be 30 feet long.

Ski Boats/Wake Boats

These are exciting water sport activity boats that pull people behind on skis, inner tubes, etc. Several people can go along for the ride and take turns being pulled across the water – not much more exciting than that!

Personal Watercrafts (PWCs) 

While only one to three people can fit on a PWC, everybody loves riding on them.  You can take one or two, along with your boat, for people to take off and enjoy the water for individual, personal experiences.  Your guests are sure to love that.

Whichever your choice among recreation boats, it is always helpful to have a floating dock nearby.  AccuDock makes a number of products that will get you excited about docking your boat in a safe place after a day of water sport activity on the lake. Call them today at 1-954-281-8900 to learn more.

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