ADA Kayak Launch

The Best Ways to Utilize ADA Kayak Launches

September 17 2021

As a Camp Director, you want all your campers to have a safe and fun experience while camping in your care.  You’ve thought long and hard about all the possible choices you could give campers to complete their summer outdoor experience.  You certainly want every camper to have the same opportunities available to them.  

For campers with disabilities, you may be concerned about making their experiences just as enjoyable and educational as possible.  You want to give them all the same opportunities that every camper has available to them.  Therefore, you will want to make sure you include ADA-compliant handicap-accessible launch options with kayaks.

Launching From an ADA Transfer Platform

AccuDock offers a transforming platform to help campers with an ADA kayak launch.  The launch platform provides a slip for the kayak to slide into.  Transfer stairs and a guardrail help a person using a wheelchair slide from the wheelchair onto the platform’s four transitional steps.  Insert the kayak into the slip front first, thereby aligning the kayak’s seat with the last transfer step.  

The guardrail will extend past the steps and over the kayak to help the camper lift themselves into the kayak with help from the guardrail overhead.  The overhead rail will also help the kayaker push out of the slip and into the water.  After an enjoyable kayak ride, again enter the slip with the front of the kayak going first.  Make sure you have secured the kayak before you try to get out of it and back to the transfer stairs with the help of the guardrail.

Using a Kayak Safe Launch

With a kayak safe launch, which is another method of safely launching a kayak, use the included rope to secure the safe launch to the cleats to get to an angle that extends into the water.  Three feet of the launch should be under the water to help let the kayak glide down easily.  With a grab bar overhead, a person should be able to slide safely into the kayak.  

If the kayak were to float away a bit, use the rope to raise the safe launch a little higher.  Once safely seated inside the kayak, the overhead grab bar can be utilized to move down the launch and into the water safely.  The rope is adjustable to help fit your needs and make launching the kayak as easy as possible.

Regardless of whether you need assistance transferring from a wheelchair via an ADA kayak launch or you are just trying to board and launch your kayak safely, AccuDock has the tools to help.  To learn more, call AccuDock at 1-954-785-7557 today.

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