Aluminum Boat Dock Waterways

Evolution of Aluminum Boat Dock Walkways

September 10 2021

A walkway or gangway aids in getting on or off a boat with ease.  Using a walkway or gangway is a lot better and safer than trying to jump over the gap between boat and land when loading or unloading.  Whether young or older, this could be quite a challenge and not the safest avenue to take.

Why Choose Aluminum? 

Aluminum is a material that offers many benefits.  Over time, aluminum has been chosen again and again over wood or fiberglass.  Aluminum is the material of choice for marine environments because it holds up so well against salt spray, storms, and the constant juggling that comes with changing tides.  Aluminum boat dock walkways hold up much better than wood because wood can deteriorate so quickly.  Fiberglass is slightly better than wood, but it can succumb to wear-and-tear when constantly battered with the elements brought about in a marine environment.  Rivers and lakes present challenges for wood or fiberglass walkways as well.

Aluminum also holds up well under a great deal of weight, which means no worries when loading/unloading cargo and/or passengers.  For a passenger in a wheelchair, this can provide a sense of safety and security, not having to worry about getting on or off a boat.  And … aluminum floats!  Aluminum dock gangways are also very customizable to fit many needs and/or spatial requirements.  They are also lightweight, so they will not damage existing structures with which they might come into contact.  They also look good.

Let’s recap here.  Why choose an aluminum dock gangway?

  • It holds up well against storms, salt spray, the ins-and-outs of tides
  • It can hold a goodly amount of weight for transfer of passengers or cargo between dock and boat
  • Aluminum floats
  • It is highly customizable for just the size and shape to fit your needs, with adjustable hinges to make sure everything works accurately and safely
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye

ADA-Approved Gangway 

As a Camp Director, you are naturally concerned with the welfare of all your guests.  To serve all campers’ needs, it would be best to consider an ADA-approved gangway.  To be certified ADA-compliant, an aluminum dock gangway should have extra bars, handrails, and an accessible exit ramp that allows for safe loading and unloading from the boat.  Campers in wheelchairs need extra attention when using aluminum boat dock walkways.  ADA-compliant aluminum dock gangways are available and can be custom-made to your specifications. 

Aluminum boat dock walkways are seen today as the best choice to help passengers get to and from boats.  With some slight modifications, they can also be certified as ADA-compliant, helping all guests to enjoy the water.  AccuDock is experienced in ADA-compliant docks and accessories.  Call us today at 954.785.7557 to learn more about how we can serve your needs.

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