Why Are Gangways Made of Aluminum?

March 17 2020

The gangway provides an accessible route from your dock to the shore, and because this is where you’ll be walking, it needs to be durable, safe, stable, and secure. Gangways also need to be able to withstand the conditions created by the sun, surf, salt, grit, and storms. High-quality marine aluminum gangways offer a number of benefits – including easier, more convenient access for your water-based adventures.

Why is aluminum the way to go when it comes to gangways? Unlike wood or steel units, it does not require repainting or extensive maintenance in order to stay at an optimal functional level. It is also resistant to corrosion – a major concern when you’re dealing with a marine environment. This material is also lightweight, making it easy to install, move, and store the product in preparation for the winter season (not much of an issue in Florida; you’re fine leaving it in the water) or storms.

Highly durable, low maintenance, and lightweight, marine aluminum gangways are the epitome of convenience. AccuDock’s models are:

  • Manufactured in-house using 6000 Series Marine grade aluminum and welded by American Welding Society certified welders
  • Pre-assembled and pre-drilled for easy installation
  • Built to your unique specifications
  • Compliant with ADA specifications, when required
  • Structurally reinforced by under trusses
  • Equipped with AccuDock piano style hinges (this allows pivoting to accommodate variations in water level)
  • Designed with a wide entry way onto the dock (ideal for rowing docks and high-traffic docks)
  • Equipped with a ribbed and knurled surface for excellent traction
  • Available with a variety of decking options
  • Available with AccuDock control arms for stabilization
  • Available with AccuDock transition plates for additional traction and in applications that require rollers (this helps prevent trip hazards)

Aluminum Dock Gangway Prices


We strive to deliver the best value in the industry. Here is a sampling of our aluminum dock gangway prices:

  • 3’x8’: $1,400
  • 3’x12’: $1,600
  • 3’x16’: $1,750

The above prices include hinge connectors and rollers with transition plate.


Note: The above sizes and pricing is just a sampling of our lightweight gangways. AccuDock gangways and ramps can be built to any requested specifications. Contact us for custom size requests.


Can you find a cheaper option? Sure. Can you find one that is a better value given the quality, durability, and safety? Not a chance. If you are looking at marine aluminum gangways, start your search with AccuDock.

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