Best Boat Dock Designs for Residential Use

Best Boat Dock Designs for Residential Use

February 26 2022

Along with added convenience and enjoyment, a residential boat dock can add value to your waterfront home. Choosing one among the many residential boat dock designs available for boat dock installation can be challenging.  You have many factors to consider, such as what the primary purpose will be.  For example, will the primary purpose be just to dock your boat?  One boat, or more?  Will you want to entertain guests on the dock?  How much space will you need for said planned entertaining?  Will it be used for swimming purposes, off and back onto the dock?  What about kayaking?


One of the most popular residential boat dock designs is the floating dock.  A floating dock can be used in many different types of water, including deeper water because there’s no need to sink posts all the way into the lakebed, harbor floor, or river bottom. You don’t want to place a floating dock, however, in an area that is known for rough waves as it could be damaged.  You want to opt for a floating dock in mild waters or in more protected areas.  Floating residential boat dock designs are also easily adaptable to varying configurations to serve your needs better.  They float (hence their name) so they easily rise and fall to match the soft lapping of the waves or tides. Floating docks are also removable in winters where weather may not be kind to them.


While this type of boat dock installation is known for its stability because it’s attached to the bottom of the body of water it’s on, it is also at a fixed height, which can be good or bad.  Roofs and extra amenities can be added to stationary docks, but if the water level isn’t stable, the dock could end up being partially submerged or poised up too high to accommodate safely getting on and off your boat.


This could be a good solution because a combination boat dock installation has a little bit of everything to offer.  Having options is always a good thing.  The process would be to install a stationary dock and have the floating dock portion attached.  As mentioned previously, a variety of floating dock options can allow for a larger space size for entertaining, a smaller space size for a more intimate gathering, or a number of different configurations to match your needs at that moment.

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