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Best Boat Snacks: Stress-Free Nibbles to Bring Aboard

December 19 2022

Taking your boat out (or renting one) always makes for an exciting day. If you know you’re going out for a longer fishing expedition, or just a lengthy, leisurely cruise, and you know that you’ll be out on your boat all day–you’re going to need some snacks. But, if you’re like many others, you haven’t thought about the best snacks to carry along to keep your stomach happy.

We’ve been in this position many a time. Here are some snacks that survive in hot and humid conditions and give you the required energy boost needed for all activities during a day out on the water

1.      Snack Bags

Little snack bags of popcorn, crackers, and potato chips survive heat well, are portable, and help you save space. You don’t need any prep to get them ready. All you do is open up and eat. But do NOT let the wind blow the bags into the water. Be responsible and aware. Use some heavier-duty containers that you dump the snacks into prior to boarding if needed.

2.      Handheld Food

Pre-made handheld food is another elite go-to option if you don’t mind spending a little time preparing your snacks before going out. We suggest going for sandwiches or wraps. 

Sandwiches offer variety as they could come with cold cuts, chicken, beef, or easy spreads like peanut butter and jelly–or even fish. The optimal choice is to put sandwiches in a Ziploc bag and store them in a cooler. 

3.      Pre-cut Food

Cold meat, fruits, and vegetables are also great. Meat contains niacin and riboflavin, two nutrients that boost energy production and high-energy sustenance.

Fruits are refreshing, while vegetables are all-arounders as they can tolerate the heat and come with complex carbs. 

More importantly, cutting your meat, veggies, and fruits before going on your boat saves you storage space and time. Some honorable mentions include:

  • Jerky (Beef, turkey, chicken, or salmon)
  • Dip for crackers and vegetables
  •  Pre-made salad

Staying out in the heat of the day, swimming, or hanging out with your friends on one of our floating docks can take a lot of energy and hydration from you. These boat snack suggestions ensure you have food that remains durable for the whole day, is easy to consume, and gives you all the energy you need.

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