What Are the Best Docks for Lakes?

November 10 2020

If you have lakefront property… well, you’re living the dream! There are endless opportunities for recreational and fitness pursuits. From giving it your all kayaking and learning to row to teaching your children to swim or just catching some rays on a nice summer day. A lake dock makes it much easier to access the water – and it makes it much more pleasant to do so while expanding the range of options open to you in terms of sports. But what solution is right for you? Let’s take a look at the best docks for lakes so you get out on the water.

The Best Docks for Lakes

First and foremost, the best option – far and away – for a lake dock is a floating dock. There’s one decision off your list! What makes floating docks so well-suited to lake life? Well, several reasons:

  • They are the most logical, viable choice when the water level fluctuates, so it will in lakes. They can accommodate changes easily, and you will always have the appropriate height between the dock and the water. This is an important consideration when you’re launching kayaks, canoes, and other watercrafts, and it does increase safety and convenience.
  • Floating docks are flexible. They can be attached to the shore, another dock, or pilings. They can accommodate your unique section of lakefront property.
  • One of the factors that make these solutions the best docks for lakes is that they can accommodate a wide variety of surfaces. Is the bottom of your lake silty? Rocky? It can be impossible to install a stationary dock in these cases. A floating dock, though? No problem.
  • Your floating lake dock will also be configurable to your exact needs and specifications. You can even reposition sections to change the layout, depending on what you need from your dock.
  • They are easy to install, move, and remove. Say a strong storm is coming. You don’t want to leave your dock in and risk damage. A floating dock is quick and simple to uninstall and store safely in the event of severe weather or the end of the lake season, depending on where you live.

What else should you look for in a lake dock?

The best docks for lakes are constructed with high quality decking material. The decking is a critical element not only because it is the most visible aspect of the lake dock, but because it can – and should – enhance safety and durability. For our money, we believe PVC to be the best choice.

PVC decking is made from PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, that is whipped into a lightweight, low density aerated foam, which is then extruded into various sizes. In many ways, PVC decking operates like wood in terms of look and feel. But it does not have the disadvantages associated with real wood. For example, it will not warp or crack under prolonged exposure to moisture and the elements. Nor will it allow the growth of mold and mildew. High quality PVC is cost-effective, lightweight, low-maintenance, durable, flexible, and attractive.

When choosing the best docks for lakes, you also want to look at the material that makes it float. After all, this is a big part of the dock’s job! All AccuDock solutions are made with recyclable, environmentally responsible EPS foam blocks that are fully encased by HDPE flat sheets. This is important because other docks are made with foam pellets – a perfect nesting place for mink, muskrat, and other critters. Not only will your dock maintain optimal buoyancy and safety, it will deter damage from nature and its inhabitants.

Looking for a lake dock? Contact the experts at AccuDock; we’ll help you make the right selection so you can fully utilize and enjoy your lakefront property.

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