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Invest in Excellence: How Floating Docks Elevate Rowing Programs

August 29 2023

Floating docks are buoyant unsinkable platforms that quickly adapt to the natural movement of water. They are easy to install and maintain and do not cause damage to the seabed since they are not embedded. This docking solution is a good rowing program investment that provides a stable and easy way to access rowing shells.

Floating Docks Features

Floating docks deliver the best value for rowing program investment due to their versatility. Here are some of their features that elevate rowing programs:

  • Low maintenance: The materials used to construct floating docks do not require constant replacement since they can withstand climate change. The materials do not rot, splinter, or need paint. Floating docks are also suitable for both freshwater and saline environments.
  • Quick installation: Floating docks have no support structures on the sea or lakebed, making their construction faster. The docking ramp for boats and rowing shells is also easily removed.
  • Customizable: Custom docks are the best floating docks for rowing programs since they suit your requirements. When ordering from manufacturers, you can specify the docks’ height, size, color, and required features.
  • Slip-resistant: The top surface of floating docks has a non-slip layer that allows rowers to walk barefoot without slipping or related accidents. The docks also have grooves on the panels that keep water away from the dock’s surface.
  • Heat-resistant: The materials used in floating docks are sturdy and do not conduct heat. It allows smooth walking without fear of burning.

Get the Best Floating Docks for Rowing Programs

A floating dock is a user-friendly dock solution that offers great flexibility and provides a more stable platform for use in racing programs. Floating docks can also be combined with different dock components to build any design, from a simple tethered dock to an entire docking system for many rowing shells.

AccuDock offers high-quality rowing docks that are durable and have many customization possibilities. We have the necessary waterfront expertise to help you choose the dock option that works best for you. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer.

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