What Is the Best Marina Dock System?

May 13 2020

Not all commercial marina docks are created equal. When making this decision, think about all the factors that impact success: durability, quality, safety, maintenance… All of these matter. While there are a lot of options on the market, narrow your choices to those docks that offer the qualities you need most.

The best marina dock system is:

  • Customizable to any specification or requirement. Module systems fit your marina without the exorbitant expense of having to build a custom dock to suit your location and needs in terms of size and shape.
  • Built to last. A floating dock is an essential investment for your business; you don’t want to have to replace it within a few years. Select commercial marina docks that offer industry-leading durability. This begins with the materials from which they are constructed. AccuDock, for example, utilizes high-density polyethylene plastic sheets that are hand-welded using non-rotationally molded floats.
  • Safe. This is priority #1. Choose docks that offer exceptional stability, load capacity, and an anti-skid surface. They should be virtually unsinkable.
  • Low maintenance. Maintenance is a big expense for any marina. Cut down on your man hours with a dock that all but takes care of itself.
  • Suitable for any application and project. You need a marina dock system that can accommodate any float depth dimensions for any application and that is capable of delivering on projects of any size.
  • A logistical dream. Ideally, a dock system is easy to transport, track, and install. Even for large applications, implementing the right system makes these processes a breeze.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Appearances matter! With Wolf PVC Decking, featured on AccuDock products, your marina will be polished and professional.
  • Made in the USA. This can ensure a higher level of quality and help support jobs right here in the USA.

AccuDock’s commercial marina docks check all of these boxes and more. Contact our team today for details.

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