3 of the Best Boat Dock Designs

3‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Best‌ ‌Boat‌ ‌Dock‌ ‌Designs‌

Are you ready to explore the option of having your own boat dock?  So many boat dock designs are available from which to choose. Is there no end to the questions as to finding the best dock for your needs? AccuDock’s experienced staff are experts in floating dock designs and can help you discover the answers to your questions.

Dock Designs: Questions to Consider

How big should your dock be?  Experience tells us that you would rather have floating docks that are a little bigger than needed as opposed to smaller. Ending up with a smaller dock size than needed will only make for frustration instead of enjoyable times.

  • How many boats do you want to be able to anchor at your dock?
  • Do you want to be able to place furniture on the dock?  If so, you will need adequate space to do so.
  • Is the dock area going to be a place of entertainment?
  • Do you want your dock to be partially shaded or fully in the sun?
  • Depending on the depth of the surrounding water, you might need to consider railings to keep people safe.
  • Do you need a gangway or ramp to access your dock?
  • Are there any local code requirements that should be checked into before beginning the construction of your dock?

Floating Docks

From residential dock designs to commercial uses, floating docks provide greater access to more of the lake or river than can be had by simply standing onshore or getting your feet wet by wading in a bit.  Docks allow for greater enjoyment of the natural beauty that surrounds most lakes and rivers.

  1. Floating fishing pier.  If you spend a lot of time fishing or wishing you were fishing, dock designs for a floating fishing pier may be just what you need.  It will give you greater access to the water fairly far from shore where you can sit and fish in peace and quiet.
  2. Floating gazebo/patio docks.  Why not extend your dock a little farther out and add a lovely gazebo with benches to sit on, shading you from the sun, yet still providing spectacular views of the water and the surrounding area.
  3. ADA-compliant kayak/canoe launch docks.  These docks are very popular because many people enjoy kayaking and canoeing.  Floating docks for this type of use also make the water accessible for disabled or handicapped persons.

With AccuDock, the possibilities and configurations of dock designs are virtually limitless.  Call us today at 954-785-7557 to discuss your specific needs.

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