Boat Parade guidelines

Tips for Boaters Watching or Joining Holiday Boat Parades

November 18 2022

Taking part in holiday boat parades and festivities can be fun. Sometimes too much fun. It requires extreme caution to ensure you stay safe during these events. Read this article, and you will be ready to celebrate this season with sensible seamanship and safety. Here are some boat parade guidelines as well as safety tips for watching a boat parade from the water.

Boat Parade Guidelines

Choose a Sober Skipper

While boating, the captain’s sobriety is vital for everyone’s safety. It is crucial to designate a sober skipper to be in charge all evening. The skipper should be the one driving from the moment you set foot on the boat until after the parade ends. 

Monitor your Weight

Your boat should not exceed the weight limit. It may seem like common sense, but it’s worth noting that the boat’s capacity plate and the passenger capacity in the manual determine your carrying capacity. It may be tempting to welcome anyone who wants to join but be careful to stay within the limit. Also, do not over-decorate your boat to the point where the decorations block the skipper’s view of any side of the boat, or add extra weight to the boat.

Remember to Carry Along Life Jackets! 

Life jackets are one of the most essential parts of these boat parade safety guidelines! Since it’s winter most holiday boat parades take place during winter, you should ensure that all the people on board wear warm clothes, and have a fitting life jacket on hand. Inexperienced swimmers should really wear one at all times. 

Chart Your Route in Advance 

Especially during a boat parade, when boating at night, the visual navigation markers that help people during the day may be obscured. Thus, it will help if you plan your route in advance. GPS-enabled electronics will be vital in helping you find your way around. 

Be Ready to Listen

It is vital to adhere to and obey the orders of the U.S. Coast Guard and their Auxiliary units. It is imperative that you follow their orders, as they are there to help protect you while on the water. 

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