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December 13 2021

Okay – you’re ready for a stress-relieving day on your boat.  What MUST you do?  Many activities make boating fun, not only in the summer but in the winter, too!  There are so many things to do on a boat and so many ways to have fun.  Let’s talk about some of them.

What Must You Do When Looking for Some Boating Fun?

People who live in Florida are lucky in that many areas in the state have very temperate climates, making boating fun possible all year round. 

  1. Water skiing – this is always great fun that takes some skill, too
  2. Tow Toys (there are a variety of inflatable tow toys that you can lay on/sit on that can be pulled behind a boat)
  3. Scuba diving – go diving off a boat or swim platform with scuba gear to explore the world below
  4. Snorkeling – swim with schools of fish and relax from the everyday grind

The Best Things to do on a Boat in Winter

During the winter, great boating fun can be had by just cruising around the lake and looking at all the beautiful leaf colors on the trees.  Other things to do in the winter include many things you did in the summer, such as fishing and weekend camping adventures.  

Lakes and rivers are also typically not as crowded in the winter as they are during the hot days of summer when everyone is just looking for a way to cool off.  There are things to do on a boat in just about every season, especially when in Florida.

  1. Leaf-looking.  Most rivers and lakes are surrounded by an abundance of beautiful trees.  Those trees can become even more beautiful when their leaves change into those gorgeous oranges, reds, and yellows.
  1. Fishing.  What’s so great about fishing?  If you’re a tried-and-true angler, you will know that striped bass is one of the fish species that head south for the winter and you have a good opportunity of hooking one on the way out to begin their journey.  Other fish that are popular to catch in the winter include catfish and walleye.
  1. Camping and stargazing.  The winter air is typically crisp, cool, clean, and clear, and just the right time for a good family campout along a river or lakeshore.  Build a campfire and tell stories about your boating fun adventures of the day and look upward at any stars and constellations you may be able to spot.
  1. Bird watching.  Grab the binoculars and a guidebook to help identify any number of different migrating birds.  With less traffic on the lakes and rivers in the winter, it’s quieter and, therefore, you will have a better chance of spotting birds that come closer to the water.

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