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How much do commercial docks cost to build?

April 26 2021

You need experienced commercial dock builders to ensure you have a stable, durable, and attractive dock.

When you are considering how much building your dock will cost, the type of dock, materials used, and electrical capabilities needed will determine the price. You also have to add permit and inspection costs into your dock budget.

Cost of building a dock

The price of a dock is determined by the shape, size, material, and configuration of the dock. The average amount homeowners pay for docks will vary depending on the size. Owners of commercial lakefront properties may have to build bigger and stronger docks than those used by homeowners, which means they have to pay more. The type of dock you choose can also affect the price. For example, a highly durable dock will be more expensive, while easy-to-install prefabricated docks can cost very little.

Dock building price depending on the type, the following discusses different types of docks and how much they can cost.

Floating docks

Floating docks used by commercial properties are different from those used by homeowners. Commercial floating systems are often stabilized using galvanized steel trusses or heavy-duty aluminum.

Their hinge and connection systems are durable, and they use advanced dampening methods to reduce movement.

If your commercial property is fairly small, however, you can use the high-end floating docks meant for big lakefront homes. Floating dock costs vary depending on the decking you choose.

Piling docks

Pilings have to be driven into the sea or lakebed to construct a piling dock. This makes them permanent and durable, but you still have to maintain them.

It is also easier to install an electrical system for a boatlift system on your piling dock compared to floating docks. So, piling docks are a better choice if you are thinking of building commercial marina docks.

You can customize your piling dock into boathouses, party decks, and gazebos to attract more customers to your commercial property.

Crib docks

To build this type of dock, crates or wood frames are filled with rocks and then decking that connects to the shoreline is constructed over them. Building this type of dock is labor-intensive, which means it is very expensive.

Since crib docks heavily impact the environment, it can be difficult to get a permit to build them because of environmental regulations. Crib docks are also not well-suited for water that is more than 15 feet deep.

Pipe Docks

Pipe docks are generally less expensive compared to piling docks and crib docks.

These docks are easy to assemble, and you can change the height by lowering or and raising them, depending on the water level. But they are not stable and can easily get damaged in high current waters.

Suspension Docks

These docks are some of the most difficult types of docks to build. Since these docks hang on cables over the water, commercial dock builders have to spend more time planning and constructing them.

You will need your local engineer to give you a quote for the project because the cost of this dock will be determined by the environment where you want to build it.

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