What is Commercial Dock Insurance?

July 27 2021

As a commercial dock owner, you face a number of liabilities on a daily basis. There’s always the potential for property damage with boats coming and going on a daily basis, but there may also be the possibility of damage to the boats themselves from other boaters, injuries to boaters from problems with your dock, and even employer liability problems.

With so many issues, you may be wondering how to mitigate all of them should you ever have an issue in your marina. Fortunately, there is a way to do just that – commercial dock insurance. 

Understanding Commercial Dock Coverage

A company that offers commercial dock insurance typically covers a number of things. They’ll usually cover your docks themselves, all of your electrical hookups, your equipment, and even your gangways if you wish.

The coverage limits depend on the policy you purchase and the insurance company itself, and often these policies are available for both liability claims and damage claims. 

Do I Need Commercial Dock Insurance?

Not sure whether your marina needs commercial dock insurance? The simple reality is that if you’re doing business with a variety of customers each day, you have employees, and you have other people’s boats using your wet slips, dry slips, or storage facilities, you can’t afford to not have coverage.

Wondering why? Imagine this example. A customer misjudges his wet slip, then plows into three others.

How much will it cost to replace those? With commercial dock insurance, you won’t have to worry about that. 

Still not convinced? Consider another example. Imagine the next big storm is headed directly for your marina.

How much money and time have you invested in creating the business of your dreams? How many boat owners trust you to keep their property safe season after season? With commercial dock insurance, that may never be a worry you have in the future. 

If you’re not currently protected by commercial dock insurance or you just think you need a slightly better quote to help you meet the needs of your growing marina business, the time to learn more and contact an insurance agent who can help is right now. 

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