platform for a gazebo on a lake

What Sort of Platform is Needed for a Floating Gazebo on a Lake?

September 07 2022

Whether you want a permanent or temporary lake swim platform, you don’t want to find it destroyed after a storm. For your safety, covered floating gazebo docks should move with the waves. However, the choice of platform varies depending on cost, materials’ longevity, and maintenance. Some of the main platforms used to build a long-lasting covered floating gazebo dock include aluminum, wood, and plastic. Each material has unique properties that affect its use, longevity, and maintenance. Let’s consider the characteristics of each material to help you realize what sort of platform you need for a floating gazebo on a lake.

1. Aluminum platforms

Aluminum platforms are popular for their high resilience to weather and corrosion. These platforms are safe since they provide an ideal textured surface that increases traction. Aluminum platforms are also lightweight, which increases their handling and buoyancy.

Aluminum platforms reflect a lot of the sun’s heat, allowing you to walk barefoot while on your floating gazebo. However, the downside to aluminum platforms is their maintenance requirements. Aluminum platforms require constant inspection since sharp edges can easily destroy boats.

2. Wooden platforms:

Wood is also a common material for building floating gazebo dock platforms. The natural aesthetics of wooden platforms give them a more appealing look. However, wooden platforms must be made from wood that has been properly treated so as to be weather resistant to avoid destruction, rotting, or weakening.

3. Plastic platforms

Plastic platforms, especially Polyethylene, are now more common. Plastics are lightweight, durable, and stable, which is important for buoyancy. Plastic floating gazebos do not rot, warp or retain heat, thus demanding limited maintenance. Plastic platforms are cheaper than wooden or aluminum platforms based on their physical and chemical properties. However, UV treatment is necessary to protect these platforms from discoloration.  


Having the right platform for covered floating gazebo docks will save you time and resources in maintenance. For more information on the type of platform necessary for a floating gazebo in a lake, contact us.

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