customizing a rowing dock

Customizing Your Rowing Dock for Entertaining

July 13 2022

Some docks have a clear function – accessing and storing the boats. Other docks, though, look clearly like a party on the water, and if you want to customize your rowing dock to make it a bit more suitable for entertainment purposes, there are lots of accessories that can easily make that happen. What can you add to your dock to make it the ideal entertainment space this year? Take a look. 

Consider Lighting: Nothing sets the mood as the sun goes down quite like a bit of lighting. You’ll get the visual appeal you want and a safe space to entertain at night when the lighting isn’t as good on the dock. Solar lights work really well on docks because they’re easy to install and they don’t require very much maintenance. Because they use the sun for power, you don’t have to worry about getting additional power to your dock. You can even get them in fun options like string lights to help further set the mood. 

Consider Seating: Benches and other seating options are the ideal addition to your dock. They’ll help you and your guests be comfortable on your dock. You can add simple benches, but you can also have custom seating built directly in the dock. Add some custom all-weather cushions, and you have lots of great space to entertain. Many of the most luxurious docks even include bar-style seating built right into the dock so you can serve a meal right beside the water.

Build a Sun Shade: If you’re going to entertain on the dock during the day, keep in mind how much sun you’re likely to get while you’re out there. Adding a sunshade like a pop-up canopy or even a way to mount an umbrella will help create a barrier between you and the sun so the party can go on all day!

Storage is a Must: If you’re going to add cushions, umbrellas, and more to your dock, you’ll want an easy way to store it. Consider built-in storage options or a dock box. There are lots of storage containers that will attach directly to your dock, but you can also use the seating options you’ve installed as additional storage opportunities. Bench-style seating with flip-up seats makes perfect storage containers for floating toys, umbrellas, and anything else you might want on the dock. 

Don’t Forget a Few Fun Elements: If you’re going to be on the dock, the chances are good that you’re going to play in the water at some point, so why not add a few additional fun elements.  A dock-mounted water slide is likely to be fun for young and old alike. A diving board can be quite a bit of fun, too, if your dock sits over deep enough water. Don’t forget to add a ladder to the side of your dock as well to make it easy to get in and out of the water.

As you work to add options that make your dock the perfect space to entertain, don’t forget to consider safety and accessibility, too. Consider investing in railings to ensure little ones (or any guest) have something to steady their balance on while they’re on the dock. They’re not only going to be a great choice for entertainment, but they will be helpful when you get in and out of your boat as well. 

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