How to Dock a Rowing Shell

When you enjoy sculling or sweep rowing, there is a great deal of skill, agility, and stamina required. Watching experts makes it look effortless – it is not! What it is, though, is an excellent workout and terrific way to enjoy the sunshine. One of the most important skills you will learn as you embark upon this sport is docking a rowing shell… and using floating docks for rowing shells (more on that later).

5 Tips for Docking a Rowing Shell


  1. Approach the dock from a parallel angle. If you can, use the prevailing wind and water currents to help guide you in.
  2. In a rowing shell, you always face the stern, or the back of the shell. If you are approaching the dock and want to get a little closer, approach with your bow pointing slightly into the dock. As you get closer, push your stern in, which pushes your bow out. You should line up nicely.
  3. If you are coming in too close, change your angle of approach and then turn in towards the dock. This seems counter intuitive, but it will position the stern correctly for docking.
  4. If you are approaching a dock that is perpendicular to your shell, turn in the direction of the dock, start kicking your stern around, and align yourself to the dock.
  5. If you are rowing alone, it can be easier to maneuver, but having a crew can help you get into position quickly. For example, if you are too close and worried about the bow hitting the dock, eight-seat can place their blade in the water and hold water, which moves the pivot point of the shell from the center to the side. It’ll kick the bow out, bring the stern closer, and position you correctly.

Why Use Floating Docks for Rowing Shells

It is optimal to use floating docks for rowing shells: our high-quality docks, for example, feature a very low free board height and exceptional stability. It makes what can be a tricky maneuver much easier.

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