does my floating platform dock need to be removed in winter

Does My Floating Platform Dock Need to Be Removed in the Winter?

April 24 2023

Owning and caring for a dock is a rewarding responsibility. After finding floating dock platforms for sale, and choosing to invest in one, you may have questions about how to maintain your new dock. During the spring and summer, frequently visiting your floating dock will help you keep up with any necessary maintenance. How can you properly care for and maintain your floating platform dock in the winter?

Why Might I Consider Removing My Floating Platform Dock in Winter?

Leaving your floating platform dock with PVC decking out in the cold could cause damage if the winter is severe. Happily, though, an AccuDock, the premier choice in floating platform docks, is designed to maximize convenience, meaning you can safely leave your dock in the water over the winter. 

How to Remove My Floating Platform Dock

Although it is not necessary, you may choose to take the extra step in protecting your floating dock by removing it from the water during the winter. If you do, be careful not to drag your dock up the shoreline or across the ground. 

How to Store My Floating Platform Dock

You can store your floating dock anywhere it will be safe from the elements. You can also choose to use this time while it is out of the water to check if any other maintenance can be done. 

When Can I Bring My Floating Platform Dock Back to the Water?

If you live somewhere with mild winters, you may not need to remove it from the water at all. If you did choose to store it over the winter, you can return your dock to the water as soon as the chance for severe winter weather is passed. 

Where Can I Find Floating Dock Platforms for Sale?

Find floating dock platforms for sale by checking out AccuDock today! Contact us today for more information about what we can do for your cold-weather climate dock. We are here to help you find exactly what you need.

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