How Do You Keep a Floating Dock in Place?

April 07 2020

What’s the last thing you want to do on a nice, relaxing, sunny day? Chase after a floating dock that’s gone rogue. Without a reliable anchoring system, you risk not only ruining a nice afternoon, you significantly impact safety, put others in harm’s way, leave your dock vulnerable to the elements, and, of course, face the chances that your dock will be damaged. So how do you keep it where it belongs?

Start with the Basics


When considering the right type of floating dock anchoring system, consider the following:

  • Water depth
  • Water fluctuation
  • Weather
  • Waves
  • Currents
  • Local climate
  • Local regulations
  • Dock users
  • Your dock’s configuration

These will help guide your choices. Plus, the AccuDock team is here to ensure you not only get the best quality dock, but that you secure it properly and safely. Many methods involve float dock anchor poles, or pilings. You can measure the water levels at max high tide and max low tide to ensure the water stays below the dock’s standing surface. This approach requires that you drive the float dock anchor poles into the seabed. There are multiple piling options, depending on your dock and conditions.

When It’s Not Possible or Optimal to Use a Float Dock Anchor Pole

Let’s say, for example, that you have a floating dock that runs parallel to the shoreline, and the body of water upon which you’ve placed your dock tends to have large fluctuations in its water level. In this case, using a floating dock stiff arm (also known as a control arm) method is useful. It gives you an alternative to driving pilings into the seafloor, riverbed, or lake bottom and helps achieve optimum stabilization.

When you purchase your AccuDock, ask about the best way to secure it and whether a float dock anchor pole or floating dock stiff arm will provide the level of safety and peace of mind you need. Make the most of your dock – and those sunny days – with the right anchoring system.

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