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The Insider’s Guide to Floating Walkways Systems

September 24 2021

Do you know everything you need to know before deciding what type of walkway you want to have between land and the lake?  Your boat?  This guide will help spell out some of the differences you will want to consider first with float walkways docks.

Floating Walkways vs. Traditional Walkways 

For park uses, as well as residential uses, floating docks have many advantages over traditional docks.  Floating walkways systems can rise with the water current so that no matter what the water level, the float walkways dock will help keep guests and equipment safe and secure.  Floating walkways systems reduce the chances of injury, and if you’re the Camp Director of an event where campers need to access boats, that will be important to you.  Safety is always first and foremost when camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Installation is simple, and configurations can be rearranged to match your needs if your needs change, such as widening, lengthening, or even changing the shape of your dock.  Floating walkways are portable, as opposed to traditional docks, which are fixed in place.  If you change places to another lake at the park, you can take your floating walkways system with you.  

If you don’t plan to use the system for a while, you can pack it up and store it away.  If bad weather occurs and you cannot move your float walkway dock off the lake or river, it will float with the current, and, having no resistance from the water, the potential of any damage that might occur with a stationary dock is greatly reduced.

Traditional docks can be dangerous because they are stationary.  Water levels are going to fluctuate, whether it be from tides, storms, or changing seasons.  The best option for these water changes is floating walkways systems.  Floating docks float above the water and are much safer for use with a kayak, jet ski, or boat.  Because the docks float, it helps to keep them from falling overboard if you’re trying to secure a piece of equipment to an immovable object.


Floating walkways systems will last longer than a traditional walkway system, saving you both time and money.  They can also be customized, and pieces can be arranged to change your floating dock’s width, length, or shape if your needs change.  They have many advantages over traditional walkways and can reduce the chances of an injury because they are so mobile.  They are portable; they can be moved and/or stored.  To learn more, call AccuDock today at 1-954-785-7557.

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