Should You Install Your Own Floating Dock?

December 04 2019

If you have a waterfront property, installing a floating dock is a no-brainer! What better way to enjoy the outdoors, the water, and your favorite activities – all in the privacy of your own backyard. Not only will you have a convenient launching point for your boats and personal water crafts, a floating dock pulls extra duty as an ideal swimming spot, a great gathering point for friends and family, and the perfect place to work on your tan. Versatility is important, but safety and durability are the keys to really making the most of your dock. So should you DIY it? How do floating dock kits work?

Floating dock kits, or packages, are some of the most efficient ways to get the functionality you want. It is far easier to go with an existing package rather than drafting your own floating dock plans and constructing a dock from scratch. In addition to the complexity inherent in issues like buoyancy, you have to consider the types of materials that will stand up to the elements and heavy use. A floating dock package includes all the parts you need for a safe, attractive dock with materials that meet or exceed applicable standards. And you’re still assembling it – so you can feel good about a job well done when you finish!

You simply determine the configuration that will work best for your property and choose one of the existing packages from your floating dock provider. Your dock package then is delivered, and you get to work. Most AccuDock customers install their docks themselves – doing so is a manageable DIY job, and we have great resources to help you throughout the process.

Your best resource is your sales representative; this professional will guide you through the ins and outs. They can help you determine what size dock and/or gangway will work for you, what attachment method is best, and what anchoring method to use. Then, with a few tools that most homes have laying around your garage or shed, you can get to work. We’re also happy to refer you to contractors who are familiar with our docks.

Ready to take maximum advantage of your waterfront property? Contact the AccuDock team to discuss floating dock kits today.

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