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Floating Dock Platforms Perfect for Entertaining and More

One of the top benefits of investing in a waterfront property is entertainment. From soaking up in the sun and cruising on a boat to telling stories and laughing with family and friends, there are endless opportunities to create lasting memories on a seaside property. No doubt, your watercraft is key to having a great day, but floating dock platforms are the unsung heroes, providing the perfect on-water floating platforms you can use as a base for swimming, docking, boarding, and dining. 

If you want to maximize the moments you spend waterside, here are some of the best docking platforms you might want to consider installing. 

Removable Floating Platforms

Removable docks are impermanent docking structures that waterfront property owners can add to or remove from the water. So they usually aren’t left out during the extreme weather elements in winter

Therefore, owners can protect them from ice damage and other winter-related elements. You can even adjust them to provide boarding and docking stability in different water seasons when water levels fluctuate. The only downside to floating dock platforms is that removing them from the water can be laborious and often requires you to know the best seasons to have them out. 

Floating dock platforms are made of sturdy and low-density materials for maximum durability and buoyancy. Although they aren’t fixed like permanent docks, removable platforms can be anchored using dead weights or galvanized poles to achieve a permanent-type system that can be relocated, extended, or adjusted, depending on the owner’s preference. 

Types of Floating Platforms

Removable boat docks are made from various materials that aren’t suited for harsh weather and rough waters as they can get destroyed easily. As aforementioned, the materials used to build water docks must be of the highest quality for enhanced stability since they aren’t usually supported by pilings as their permanent counterparts. 

With AccuDock, you need not worry about quality issues because all our docking platforms meet the highest quality standard. You can choose our versatile configuration options to customize the system to your liking and desired functionality. 

Wooden Floating Docks

A wooden dock is best for property owners looking for the style and functionality of permanent platforms but with added flexibility. The frames feature treated wood, joined together using galvanized steel or stainless steel poles. 

An upside to installing a removable wooden dock is that you can choose to add a fine polish to the dock’s surface for timeless beauty. You can also customize the floating wharf to suit your watercraft mooring needs or to conform to the water body’s lay. 

If you choose a wooden structure, it is best to keep in mind that the wooden platform requires regular maintenance to alleviate the costly repairs. 

Metal Floating Platforms

Metal docks are usually made of aluminum or steel. While they require less maintenance than wooden docks, they’re relatively costlier. Metal structures won’t rot; however, they can deteriorate due to corrosion. 

Compared to steel, aluminum is lighter and has higher corrosion resistance. On the flip side, steel is the best material if you’re searching for a highly sturdy dock that can weather the potential wear and tear from inclement water conditions.

Composite/Synthetic Floating Docks

Finding the time and patience to maintain a wooden dock can pose a challenge for many property owners. Composite/synthetic docks are a great alternative, thanks to their fair density, longevity, and low maintenance. 

Additionally, they are environmentally friendly water docks, typically made from recycled plastics and wood. Since composite is a manufactured material, the docking structures come in wide-ranging colors, allowing property owners to choose the color that suits their tastes and preferences. 

Find the Best Floating Platform for Your Residential and Commercial Property with AccuDock

Whether you’re a residential property owner looking for a floating swim dock platform, or a business owner planning to install a marina or campsite dock, you can trust AccuDock to provide high-quality floating platforms that suit your intended purpose.

We are the world’s leading floating dock manufacturer, using the highest quality materials in each of our products for sale and providing a wide range of customization options. Call 954-785-7557 or visit us online today to learn more insights into our floating dock platforms.

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