Best Features to Add to Your Floating Dock Project

May 28 2020

Whether you are a private landowner who wants to take advantage of your waterfront location or you are working on a commercial application, floating docks deliver a wide range of benefits. Easy to configure, install, move, and even remove for storage, these solutions offer exceptional convenience – and, of course, great access to the water. If you are planning a floating dock project, take a minute to consider all the features you can add.


There are a variety of features that can enhance your dock, including:

  • Dock Ladders: Hoisting yourself out of the water or a boat can be awkward. Make life easier on yourself and your guests with a convenient ladder. AccuDock offers 3, 4, and 5 step options, as well as folding ladders (which are great when water levels fluctuate widely).
  • Dock Stairs: Dock stairs can add further convenience and appeal for users. Made of fiberglass, our 3 and 4 step options are durable, slip-resistant, and safe. You can also opt for a backside return rail.
  • Railings: Another important safety feature, these are particularly important in commercial settings, but they are helpful for homeowners as well.
  • Bump Strips and Fenders: Prevent damage to your boat or PWC with these useful accessories.
  • Accessories for Personal Watercrafts: Love your PWC? When planning your floating dock project, consider adding:
    • Overhead Assist Bar and/or Side Assist Railing: These options make ingress and egress from kayaks or canoes much easier.
    • Safe Launch. This is designed for kayaks and are used on dock setups that have a slip. It allows you to launch your kayak on the ramp and easily enter the water.
    • Paddleboard Railing and Paddle Sport Storage Rack. If you love paddleboarding, your dock can be customized to meet your needs. Safely store your crafts/paddles out of the water and ensure they’re ready for the next time you head out.
    • Dock Boxes. Used to keep your dock and boating accessories safe and sound.
  • Colors: There are a variety of decking colors available today. Choose the option that best suits your property’s aesthetic, from teakwood and rosewood to harbor grey and sand castle.
  • Floating Dock Sections: Some of the handiest features in your floating dock project are the sections themselves! They are configurable so you can create a “custom” dock layout without going to the expense of specialty building. Modular systems offer the utmost convenience and customization without the staggering price tag.

Ready to get to work on your floating dock project? Contact us online or give us a call; we are happy to help you achieve your goals.

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