The womens USA rowing team pushes off a floating dock; a popular rowing athletic director investment.

A Popular Rowing Athletic Director Investment: Floating Docks

The rising popularity of rowing has spurred significant rowing program investments that are catching the attention of athletic directors nationwide. From facility expansions to new conditioning programs to nutrition and sports science support, rowing programs nationwide are choosing to support their athlete’s success in various ways. The current, most popular rowing athletic director investment is implementing floating docks in their facilities.

So, what’s driving the interest of seasoned athletic directors to invest in floating docks for rowing?

The Evolution of Rowing Facilities

Collegiate rowing is undergoing a transformative shift, with a growing number of athletic programs nationwide adopting advanced infrastructure, like floating docks, to enhance their rowing programs. This trend is not limited to newly established programs; even prestigious institutions like Stanford University are actively pursuing investments to elevate their rowing programs to new heights.

Over the last several years, integrating floating docks into their infrastructure has provided athletes with more accessible and efficient facilities for training and competition. These floating docks have revolutionized the sport, offering enhanced safety, convenience, and flexibility for rowers, contributing to the continued growth and success of collegiate rowing programs.

Rowing Program Investments Enhance Athlete Experience 

Collegiate rowing programs set up their students for success by providing them with the right equipment. Floating docks contribute to an enhanced athletic experience thanks to their:

  • Ergonomic design, with modularity that allows each dock to conform to the space.
  • Ability to facilitate efficient launches, due to increased stability.
  • Seamless transitions between semi-floating sections and the primary floating dock.

Safety and Accessibility

Collegiate athletic directors and coaches have a responsibility to prioritize athlete safety and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The ADA in itself often justifies rowing program investment in an up-to-date floating dock. Consider features such as:

  • Non-slip surfaces that keep student rowers safe.
  • Railing systems that allow for consistent grip and corrections before a fall occurs.

Rowing athletic director investment in floating docks pays off most directly in increased safety, and in meeting current accessibility requirements. The ADA has several highly specific requirements for the slope of the dock, handrail heights, and more, that older docks are less likely to fully comply with.

Adapting to Water Conditions

Floating docks add uptime to rowing programs. Various water levels and weather environments are mitigated heavily — be it changing tides, currents, or other water fluctuations. Students only have a few years to partake in their collegiate rowing program, so having the largest number of active days on the water as possible is especially important.

Showcasing Program Commitment

When students and alumni tour campus, the state of the facilities makes a big impression. Having a fully modernized, ADA-compliant floating dock represents a commitment to excellence in the rowing program, and in the school in general.

A new, properly designed floating dock helps with recruiting — and it gives a boost of pride to the team that’s already there.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Rowing athletic director investments can’t be taken lightly. Any new project needs to be cost-effective, not just showy. A high-quality floating dock leads to long-tail savings, thanks to its durability, reduced maintenance compared to traditional docks, and its overall longer lifespan.

Collaboration with Dock Specialists

The bare concept of a floating dock in itself isn’t worth the investment. A¬†high-quality floating dock, designed, installed, and maintained by experts is. Through collaboration with professionals, athletic directors can guarantee their new floating dock is a worthy investment, rather than a minor upgrade.

Consider Floating Docks: The Rowing Athletic Director Investment

It can be tough to justify rowing program investment when there is already a perfectly functional dock available. However, when a floating dock offers everything from ADA compliance to athlete safety to even morale boosting, a rowing program investment like a floating dock can’t be overstated.

The benefits of floating docks offer no surprises as to why it is a popular rowing athletic director investment. Floating docks continue to prove how they revitalize your rowing program. Contact us at AccuDock for a consultation with our team of dock experts today.

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