Can You Keep a Jet Ski in the Water?

Can you keep your jet ski in the water? Sure, you can. Should you? Nope! Sure, if you’re docking and then hopping back on again soon, by all means. But in terms of storing your water craft for longer periods, you can do serious damage, especially if you’re dealing with salt water. A floating jet ski dock is the answer you’re looking for.

What’s the Harm in Keeping Your Jet Ski in the Water?

No one wants to have to worry about pulling their water craft out onto dry land every time they take a break – but having to take on expensive repairs or replace your jet ski is even worse. Why are these conditions so harmful?

  • Salt and Minerals. Salt water is naturally, and incredibly, corrosive. Even after just a few days, your jet ski can start becoming a rust bucket. This not only affects how your water craft looks, but ultimately, how it performs… and its level of safety.
  • Scum. Fresh water is also damaging, although it takes a bit longer to wreak havoc. Scum, barnacles, and other gunk builds up. This can infiltrate your cooling system, which can be risky on the water. Eventually, corrosion will occur. If you have to leave your jet ski in fresh water, limit it to a few days.
  • Excess Water. A small amount of water in the hull is normal. If, however, you lift the seats off and see two inches or more of water in the hull, you risk sinking.
  • Storms. Severe weather can crash your jet ski into the dock or the lines holding it can break. Your watercraft is now drifting who knows where or in pieces against a rocky shore.
  • Theft. Unfortunately, this does happen: if you have a jet ski sitting in the water, it’s relatively easy to steal.

Bottom line: can you keep your jet ski in the water. Yes. Should you? Not really. Can you do so for a day or two in salt water or a few days in fresh water? It’s not optimal, but yes. Running out to grab lunch or more sun screen is one thing; leaving your jet ski for several days or weeks is quite another.

But moving your jet ski to the water, taking it out, transporting it, storing it… that is certainly a pain, especially for those of us who like to be on the water as often as we can.

The Solution: A Floating Jet Ski Dock

A floating jet ski dock offers not only the most simple and convenient method of entering and exiting your watercraft, it allows you to get it out of the water between uses. The best part? With a jet ski drive-on dock, you literally just drive on and step off. It could not be easier. There’s no cranking, hoisting, or winching with our AccuPort. When you leave, you can protect your water craft from the elements and from thieves with a cover and a locking cable.

AccuDock is committed to quality and to your satisfaction. This is why we’ve built the AccuPort PWC floating jet ski dock – like all our docks – of the highest quality materials for unparalleled buoyancy and structural integrity. These babies don’t sink. Furthermore, the AccuPort can stand alone, connect to other AccuPorts, or attach to other floating docks or structures. Versatility is important to you, and it’s important to us.

If you love your jet ski and want to keep it in pristine condition, contact the AccuDock team. We have the right drive-on floating dock for you!

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