What is a Floating Swimming Platform?

August 02 2021

Floating swimming platforms offer the ability to ideally position a safe structure for kids and adults to swim to or fish from and/or to sunbathe on.  Swim platforms can be positioned in the water, near a land dock, if desired, or positioned farther out to be a waystation, that campers can swim to and climb up on to rest before taking off on another swimming adventure.  They also provide an easy way to get in and out of the water.

Swim Platform Sizes

A floating swimming platform can be customized to nearly any shape or size that is desired.  Opt for several floating swimming platforms, and kids at camp can have races between them.  If you are hosting several kids for a summer camp, swim platforms provide extra space for kids to use.  Floating swimming platforms need to be safe, durable, and stable, as well as easy to use.  Ladders to climb up to the platform or slides coming off the platform add an extra measure of safety and fun for kids and adults enjoying camp life.

Materials Used to Make Swim Platforms

The materials most often used to construct floating swimming platforms include aluminum, polyethylene (plastic), or treated wood.  Swim platforms are made from many of the same materials as docks due to the need to be buoyant and resilient.  Along with the construction materials, swim platforms also need to make good use of a variety of floatation devices, such as hoops, barrels, airtight chambers, or rollers to maintain buoyancy.

Make a Swim Patio

Due to the fact that floating swimming platforms are customizable and that you can virtually create any size or shape you want, you can also connect swim platform sections together to create a larger structure.  Lounge chairs and a table, among other accessories, can be added to maximize the space for as much comfort as desired.  Yet, you will be inches from the water when you want to take a cool dip and then climb back aboard.  Unlike a land dock, you will be surrounded by water on all sides.

AccuDock, an ISO Certified Manufacturer, endeavors to use only environmentally friendly and sustainable materials during the manufacturing process, as well as focusing only on USA-sourced materials.  They also try to recycle any scrap materials available in the process.  AccuDock assembles its products in Pompano Beach, Florida.  To learn more or order your floating swim platform today, call 1.954.785.7557 or email [email protected].

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