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Looking for a Gift For New Boat Owners? Here are 5

April 13 2022

Your friends just bought a new boat and they have invited you for a day on the water.  You need a gift for new boat owners, and one that they’ll really use and enjoy, or at least get a kick out of. What can you take along as a gift to show your appreciation for being invited?  What goes well with a new boat?  Below are a few ideas for boat warming gifts.


While it may not have a lot of glamour to it, books about boating can be extremely interesting and useful as a gift for new boat owners, especially if they are new to the world of boating in general.  There’s a lot to know about boating and being out on the water and the experiences of those who have “been there, done that” can be quite helpful as a guide when it comes to offering advice.


Can you ever have too much fishing equipment?  Most fishing enthusiasts would reply with a resounding, “No!”  It seems there is always a new lure or rig coming on the market – that’s a good place to start!  A new, trendy product that you know they are just itching to try out.  A good tackle box is another idea for boat warming gifts.


Now, this is a great gift for boat owners because it is compact, foldable, and easy to get around with on land once you dock your boat at a destination.  Boating can take you on many journeys and to many destinations.  A bicycle may be a helpful mode of transportation once you land.  The “GoCycle” has a small electric motor that can help traverse longer distances.


On a boat, in the sun, a hat is essential and can be a great gift for new boat owners.  A bucket hat can be useful when spending hours in the sun, waiting for that next great catch for that next great fish story.  Classic hats are great, too, for helping keep the sun out of the eyes.  Or, what’s better than a “Captain’s hat” for the new boat owner?  Everyone will get a chuckle out of that, no doubt, and the boat owner is sure to be happy with that choice and wear it proudly!


Towels make very useful boat warming gifts and, what’s even better, you can have them monogrammed with the owner’s name or initials, or the boats.  You could also find some towels that are emblazoned with a nautical theme.  There’s no end to the imaginative embroidery that could be applied to the towels – always a good and appreciated gift.

When looking for a gift for new boat owners, put some careful thought into what you choose.  Think about the owner(s) taste and personal preferences when considering boat warming gifts to find something they are sure to love.

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